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What you may not know about the China spy balloon

The balloon, actually an airship, was shot down on Saturday afternoon ( More...

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Ichiro Sugioka 3 has far better insights on how it was done
David Teague 1
Really stupid to shoot it down with a missile over the sea when it was moving away from the US. Now a proper inspection of the intel and equipment on board is impossible. Or does the US government simply want to get public support to inflame relations with China? A US company had LOON balloons flying over Africa, coincidentally over areas where there was armed insurgency and recent massive natural gas discovery. Now we ask the question, what were they really up to, and who really funded the exercise?
John Ward 1
Funny all this concern about one balloon....when there are several hundred satellite's buzzing around the globe taking VERY detailed pictures of absolutely everything!!
Dodo Bird 1
Perfectly said! Just another trick to escalate tension in between. Like in 80s Russia did this, Russia did that. Now China. Perhaps US needs to stop putting their nose into everyone else’s plate first. Fair it is if you don’t want your neighbours to do it to you. 🤯👎🏼
Very sad, this will cause more problems in the good relationship between the two continents.


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