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Strategically, the alliance between Airbus and Bombardier extends well beyond the noise of Boeing's spat with the Canadian planemaker. (Mehr)
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Airbus's first A330neo has lifted off from Toulouse on its maiden flight, commencing the airborne test programme for the re-engined twinjet. (Mehr)
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Middle Eastern carrier Emirates will take its Airbus A380 fleet into triple figures next month when it takes delivery of its 100th aircraft. (Mehr)
Tightening the leash on service dogs
It's about time there is a national registery or a traceable registry to let the airlines know that the service animals they will board are really that. (Mehr)
Malaysia to resume search for MH370
The statement says that Ocean Infinity will look for the lost Boeing 777-200ER in yet unsearched area where it is believed the aircraft could be. Canberra will provide technica (Mehr)