New York, NY () 1 Std 50 Min1 Std 50 Min
Toronto, Ontario () 1 Std 17 Min1 Std 17 Min
New York, NY () 1 Std 10 Min1 Std 10 Min
Newark, NJ () 1 Std 4 Min1 Std 4 Min
Philadelphia, PA () 52 Min52 Min
Shanghai () 49 Min49 Min
Stuttgart () 36 Min36 Min
Los Angeles, CA () 30 Min30 Min
Washington, DC () 25 Min25 Min
Washington, DC ()
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Atlanta, GA ()
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Chicago, IL ()
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Los Angeles, CA ()
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Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
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/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 28 °C

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