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A group of 12 year olds have come up with a cost effective way to help prevent bird strikes

SALT LAKE CITY — A group of four Utah tweens has been nationally recognized for inventing a device to scare away birds from planes. ( Mehr...

Hong Kong Airlines will launch non-stop A350 flights to U.S.

The line-up of international airlines flying to the U.S. mainland will grow this winter. The latest to announce service is Hong Kong Airlines, which will launch non-stop flights between Los Angeles and Hong Kong on Dec. 18 on Airbus A350 aircraft. ( Mehr...

The Go/No-Go Decision: High-Speed RTOs Are Fraught With Risk

Dann Runik still gets chills when he remembers the rainy morning of March 1, 1978. He was in the cockpit of a DC-8 at Los Angeles International Airport as he watched Continental Flight 603, a heavily laden DC-10, lumber down Runway 6R on its takeoff roll. The heavy trijet was bound for Honolulu with 198 passengers and crew aboard. Everything appeared normal to the DC-10’s flight crew as the aircraft accelerated toward its 156 KIAS V1 go/no-go decision speed. But when passing through 152 KIAS,… ( Mehr...