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Report: Airlines Installing Uncomfortable Bumps In Seatbacks Because It Pleases Them

NEW YORK—According to sources throughout the commercial aviation sector, the nation’s airlines will begin installing awkwardly placed bumps in every airplane seatback this week because it reportedly brings great pleasure to them (www.theonion.com) Mehr...

Air NZ sells retired Boeing 747-419 to GE

A anz spokesman for the airline sales and disposals of aircraft have confirmed that the last remaining Boeing 747-475 ZK-SUH which was stored at Victorville KVCV and was destine to be scrapped has being brought or sold to GE (General Electric) as a suitable replacement fuel test bed jet. The deal was sealed for a price of only 1.5mil with parts. The other Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBV former lord of the rings jet was sold off to a buyer of Saudi Arabia which has a new life. Mind you anz always have… (www.flightglobal.com) Mehr...

Lockheed unveil next generation HWB airlifter concept

Aviation Week revealed Lockheed Martin's next generation airlifter design called the Hybrid Wing Body (HWB) concept, that promises drastic reduction in operating cost. (www.aviationanalysis.net) Mehr...

Air NZ to phase out last two 737'S by September

Air NZ CEO Chris Luxton has said the last remaining two Boeing 737-319's will be retired from the fleet by the end of September 2015. This is due to the increasing economical A320's and the new A320 neo jet that will come into the fleet over the next year. Also the recent delivery of the fourth Boeing 789 has being delivered into the anz fleet as ZK-NZD which was a DC8-52 jet rego anz once had back in 1965-1970's (www.flightglobal.com) Mehr...

James "Red" Duke, iconic surgeon who started Life Flight, dies at 86

Dr. James "Red" Duke Jr., Houston's iconic, cowboy-style doctor who delivered homespun health advice on nationally syndicated television and founded the Life Flight helicopter ambulance system, died Tuesday. He was 86. (www.chron.com) Mehr...


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