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Great light and colours on this 680A Latitude. The tail and aft fuselage are pure C680, except for the ventral strakes which the earlier Sovereign did not have.

Written on 19.11.2017 by CHRIS ROBEY


Written on 19.11.2017 by Uwe Zinke


Written on 19.11.2017 by Uwe Zinke

I know Nooooothing. Nooooothing

Written on 18.11.2017 by James Simms

Have you ever seen a B-300 with conventional tail and Garret Engines?

Written on 18.11.2017 by jaeschke

Beautiful shot John. Perfect.

Written on 18.11.2017 by Chris lanno


Written on 18.11.2017 by HowSwedeitis

That's nice

Written on 18.11.2017 by billy pell

10yrs of maintaining those lights...

Written on 18.11.2017 by Anglico

Thanks, John...was hoping to get one of these before the shutdown!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Dave Sheehy

Still on the job!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Dennis Bishop

Lucky background on this shot. Nice Touch Ron!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Dennis Bishop

Nice Shot! (Try B74S for your aircraft type)

Written on 18.11.2017 by DSmithOps

Beautiful shot Ron! My favorite old warbird.

My father-in-law was on his very first mission as a copilot on a B17 over Italy when they were hit by flak. Everyone was able to bail out and the plane flew on, eventually crashing into a large volcanic lake (Lake Bolsena). About 4 years ago, Italian researchers discovered and raised the ball turret gun from about 300 feet down, almost totally intact, guns weren't even bent. Further research was able to identify and match the crew with that aircraft and we learned all the stories of what happened to them all after bailout. Fascinating stuff.

Written on 18.11.2017 by Neil Klapthor

That looks so cool!

Written on 18.11.2017 by FSXBoeing737Pilot

For a brief time Hunter was the fastest plane in the World!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Ian Gregory

one of my favorite planes from WW2.. GREAT SHOT

Written on 18.11.2017 by Michael Rogers

Where all the "Action" is....................Chopper 6.........

Written on 18.11.2017 by warmwynds

I've always had a fondness for this airplane because it was the very first model kit I every assembled back when I was a kid. This shot really brings back memories and makes me wish I was right there to see the takeoff. Thanks!

Written on 18.11.2017 by rogera1b

irgendwie traurig!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Uwe Zinke

This is really something you don't see every day! Great shot.

Written on 18.11.2017 by rogera1b


Written on 18.11.2017 by 太田 知明

ok :D

Written on 18.11.2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

nice shot!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

very nice shot

Written on 18.11.2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

fantastic shot, John!!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

Ride to the Valkyries. O lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud - I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed.

Written on 18.11.2017 by Jim Costello

Thank you Cole. One of the best days I've had spotting in months! Can't wait to get back there.

Written on 18.11.2017 by Michael Flagg

Thank you Richard. They were departing 21R that evening. We were photographing from the McNamara Terminal garage. Can't wait to get back there!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Michael Flagg

Sadly no longer in production. Same scenario with the Hawker 4000...

Written on 18.11.2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Hi Gman! TYVM, it was a rare day fore me to get to SFO. I saw quite a few jets I had not had the chance to snap yet - thank you.!

Written on 18.11.2017 by Tom Vance

Beautiful shot Michael!

Written on 17.11.2017 by Brian Carlin

Thanks for that info Allan!

Written on 17.11.2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Hello Dave... I use a Nikon D60. I use camara RAW 9.5 and Element 14 for crop and clear haze and Topaz Detail 3...

Written on 17.11.2017 by Tomás Del Coro

Beautiful photo!

Written on 17.11.2017 by BigAlOutWest

She will always be white Lightning #13 to me.
I remember seeing her left wingtip in the sage at 350mph and the biggest smile on Lefty's face.

Written on 17.11.2017 by john cook

Fantastic! 5*X5*

Written on 17.11.2017 by Dave Sheehy

Nice work ! Did you shoot it in HDR? Looks like a painting. Cool! 5*****

Written on 17.11.2017 by Dave Sheehy

Also amazing that a Bandeirante is still flying....EMB 110 . Yes great shot!

Written on 17.11.2017 by Dave Sheehy

Definitely Saudi Hawks:

Written on 17.11.2017 by Id Rocketeer

that's N14250

Written on 17.11.2017 by Will Hagen

That's a 747-8

Written on 17.11.2017 by Will Hagen

Thats a 777-300ER

Written on 17.11.2017 by Will Hagen

Really Great Plane never let them die.

Written on 17.11.2017 by James Fassinger

A durable bird. Olympic flew the 330 out of Athens to the islands in the 80s. Great views (well, conversation was about impossible). Nice to see them still around.

Written on 17.11.2017 by Kerry Ahearn

Cessna, really?

Written on 17.11.2017 by Mark Thomas

Probably the captain's final flight before retiring.

Written on 17.11.2017 by Bryan Jensen

Hi Mark, chopper was just taking off from an adjacent football field. The photo was taken from an apartment on a 32nd floor at max zoom (400mm)

Written on 17.11.2017 by manuel silva

it was spying the TPC golfers, there is no question this is a spy Cessna, a notorious repeat offender

Written on 17.11.2017 by RguHeli Hunter

Nice shot Michael, what runway did the B-757 depart from at DTW?

Written on 17.11.2017 by Richard Neibert

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