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Fabulous Rotol four bladed props. Note the witness mark on the white section of the prop spinner. Checking during the preflight walkaround that this mark aligned with the leading edge of the propeller blade was essential to ensure that no overtemp occurred, resulting in a melted turbine, when starting the Dart.

Written on 29.07.2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

T-56 Turboprops are a GE design.

Written on 29.07.2017 by markbjorndal

Need you so much to flight from GEG to FRU ! (503)367-7664--SMS

Written on 29.07.2017 by Nata Litvak

Hi Guido, just out of curiosity, do you have any connection to this plane or just took the picture? I bought this plane last year and fly it all the time.

Written on 29.07.2017 by tonytheflyer

The best looking Beechcraft Baron I've ever seen a photo of!!!

Written on 29.07.2017 by cliff731

a marvelous shot

Written on 29.07.2017 by FU GENG

Big thanks for your all enjoying, and they are Saudi AF BAE Hawk Mk.65As.

Written on 29.07.2017 by FU GENG

Gary, this one gets all "5" stars from me!!!

Any who might remember the name "Skoshi Tiger" might appreciate Northrop's F-5.

Are there any here who also recall these U.S.A.F. evaluation and test F-5 aircraft were painted in a "blue" camouflage livery for their service during the Vietnam war?

Written on 29.07.2017 by cliff731

nicely done

Written on 29.07.2017 by FU GENG

Hey, howdy, Alien. (Wave) Re: the names ... no problem ... absolutely can do ... and will do. In fact, check back in a few days; I'll have had time by then to look 'em up and add them. I'm headed out very early AM tomorrow to get a special catch and won't be able to look them up til Sunday or so. And also, I get offers for spotting ops and photo tours. I've got one upcoming for an AF base next week. Sometimes those offers include the phrase, "Bring a buddy along." When I get another such offer, are you interested? I've asked two other guys and they are interested but they live out-of-area so they need to know well in advance (for travel planning) and often the offers I get are only three weeks, etc., away. I'm aware you too would need sufficient advance notice, but if you'd be interested then the next time I get such an offer you are fairly close so maybe it can be coordinated that you'd be free to come along?? Whatdaya say?

Written on 29.07.2017 by Gary Schenauer

Nice job

Written on 28.07.2017 by John Yarno

bad *ss 'smoker..." 5x

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

Video of this would be 10* over the 5* i gave!!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

Gman!!! June 2018 Calendar slot then to match the heat! I have a favor to ask. Can you or are you allowed to post the 'nickname" of the Pilots and RIOs( or whatever they are called...I'm old and thinking Tom Cruise in Top Gun)....but I love to see the nicknames on the ships,,,,,,,years ago in another life, I attended a change of command at NAS Lemoore when I think then Lt. Col. D Knutson took over the F/A-18 wing and they secretly painted the "Grinch" below his name under the cockpit...on his command F/A-18 at the ceremony and unveiled it at the change of command..........I saw a few guys doing 100 push ups afterwards outside the hangar, I can't read many of then on your shots. Old f*art and blind

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

Where do you get Amateur? These are 2018 USN Calendar material Gman! ..and I thought Aliens were gray,,,,,this one is green! 5x*

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

An "Automatic" 5 stars without even reading the text! you lucky dawg!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

2018 USN Calendar snap G-man!!!!!!!!!!wow!!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

Oh yes, that is a 5 if I ever saw one.

Written on 28.07.2017 by John Yarno

All Gman photos are mandatory "click full" Cliff,,,!! 5x on this one for the Boeing Gman!!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

The DC-7 had Wright 3350's

Written on 28.07.2017 by shasta

A super bad *ss shot Michael,,,!!! 5*___!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tom Vance

Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet from the U.S. Navy Tac Demo Team getting ready for their Demonstration Performance at Scott AFB, June 10, 2017

Written on 28.07.2017 by Norman Gurney

USAF Thunderbird #6, Opposing Solo on the ramp at the Scott AFB Airshow & Open House , June 9, 2017

Written on 28.07.2017 by Norman Gurney

Thank you Ken ..... Think so too

Written on 28.07.2017 by Angel Vee

Cannot fathom why the forestry service does not want to use more 747's in fighting the wild fires. It is critical to life & property to get fires put out as quickly as possible!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Vaughn Blue Jr

Same type flown by George H.W. Bush, "41". Youngest pilot to enlist in the Navy in WWII.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Lucius Gravely

Ah, the sound of 4 PW2800's!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Lucius Gravely

Great! Just GREAT!! Now I want to be the next layout designer!!

Written on 28.07.2017 by bayou

Background? How about all wooden construction?

Written on 28.07.2017 by Lucius Gravely

Interior of Global Super Tanker and the tanks of the dispersal system

Written on 28.07.2017 by Richard Ashley

Yes I meant to say the round trip and thanks for the F15 details I always get these confused. Thanks guys

Written on 28.07.2017 by Stephen Gardener

Why wasn't the F-5 used in Vietnam as a dedicated dog fighter. The original F-4 Phantom didn't even have a gun.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Robert Wolff

Great view!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Dan Little

It appears to be a Lockheed Martin P-3 variant

Written on 28.07.2017 by James Foster


Written on 28.07.2017 by LethalThreat

Very nice!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Greg Byington

Thanks for the info Dave. For some reason FlightAware has designated both of the pictures I've uploaded as RF-5's. I was caught off guard as they ran up their engines for takeoff and the nose started rising. I had never seen that before. The F-5's here at Fallon NAS look like they are in great shape for their age.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Lonnie Perkins

storm damage?

Written on 28.07.2017 by 96flstc

Outstanding shot Dan, Wow...!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Dave Sheehy

Correct me if I'm wrong that even though the aircraft is airworthy per the FAA the Forest Service won't let it fly yet. If that is the case it may have helped in the Yosemite fire recently. Perhaps I missed something.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Tim Trosky

Hoje, 28 de julho, minha estação registrou essa aeronave passando sob Sergipe.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Francisco Faria

Now that's how our fighters should be painted. GREAT SHOT!

Written on 28.07.2017 by chinaninearea51

Russian tecknology is very stronk!

Written on 28.07.2017 by Will Hagen

It was a neat treat to have a visit by ABX Air yesterday (Thursday). And for the previous two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), Kalitta's 727 (N729CK) landed here ... and I'm always super happy when an old Boeing tri comes to Reno. Getting quite rare to see one.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Gary Schenauer

@Chip Fricke there's a walkway near the SFO airport that has exceptional Planespotting views or it's at the Marriot nearby...

Written on 28.07.2017 by Will Hagen

Without any doubt, in flight is the only way to truly appreciate this warbird. This shot provides a look of the wings on the top as well as the paint on the side / tail. Half the beauty of this design is invisible when it is on static. Perfect click! ***** capture (and worth more).

Written on 28.07.2017 by Gary Schenauer

Landing on the taxiway?

Written on 28.07.2017 by mrek370

great shot thks

Written on 28.07.2017 by gwapo santa

By the way, if you ever get the chance to fly an F5E/F, the aerodynamics will water your eyes, leading edge flaps are great in flight as is the 13" nose hike for +3 deg AOA on TO.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Dave Yoder

Having flown over 1000 hrs in the F-5B,E & F models & associated with the recce version, I can tell all that the pix is an E model not recce version. RF-5E version retained only the left gun and had a flatter, fatter & extended nose cone in order to house the photo gear, the forward portion of which is oblique & with a somewhat blunt front end for taking pix.

Written on 28.07.2017 by Dave Yoder

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