Facebook Alert Sharing Disabled

Donnerstag, 7 Mai 2015 09:00
Last updated 2 years ago.

Effective immediately, FlightAware alerts set up to deliver to Facebook have been removed. Facebook changed their terms of service, and no longer allows apps to post to users' timelines automatically. The new terms of service require the user to be directly involved in each posted message, which is not practical for the purpose of delivering unattended flight alerts.

You are still able to manually post FlightAware links on your page or feed to share with your Facebook friends.

An alternative that allows you to share FlightAware Flight Alerts with friends, family, or colleagues is to enter their email address from the alert management page. For existing alerts, click on the alert to edit the alert. Select the box titled, "Share alert with a friend" and add the email addresses you would like to be alerted. For new alerts, simply click the box when you are creating the alert, and add the email addresses you would like alerted.

You are still able to share alerts via Twitter. If your Twitter account is configured to post all public tweets to your Facebook timeline, then this can be an alternative way to share flight alerts with your Facebook friends.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.