FlightAware.com Holiday Travel Tips

Dienstag, 20 Dezember 2011 13:00
Last updated 5 years ago.

FlightAware.com Holiday Travel Tips

Taking to the skies for the holidays? FlightAware.com offers many free tools and services that make the life of an air traveler much easier. To make your trip as smooth as possible, be sure that you're taking advantage of everything that FlightAware has to offer!

Flight Alerts

    Before your trip, track your upcoming flight on FlightAware and click "Alert Me" in the upper right corner, or manually setup a flight alert. FlightAware's flight alerts will notify you about delays, gate changes, and more. You can even enter friends' email addresses so that they're notified about your flight's progress as well. You can even have alerts posted to your Facebook or Twitter. FlightAware's alerts are so real-time that you will often know about delays and chagnes before the airline announces them. To learn more about flight alerts, watch FlightAware's Flight Alerts YouTube Video.

Airport Delays

    During the day of your trip, keep an eye on weather and airport delays that could affect your flight. FlightAware.com home page and worldwide airport delay page show delay conditions, delay severity, trends, and delay reasons for airports aorund the world.


    If a storm hits or mass cancellations are in effect, keep an eye on FlightAware's live airline flight cancellations page. Of course, FlightAware will notify you if your flight is cancelled, but the cancellation page provides a breakdown by city and airline, so you can get an idea if your flight might be affected by future cancellations.

Free Mobile Apps

Stuck at the airport?

    If all of FlightAware's "inside scoop" flight info still resulted in having some time to kill, FlightAware has entertainment when you're waiting for your flight. Check out the Aviation Photos section and Aviation News.