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2 Boeings at Bangor Maine. One KC135 tanker the other surveillance. Image on take off at approx 175 knots, Canon D5SR 24/70 2.8 2000/2.8 image Jan 22, 2016


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Shajan Varghese
So Sharp ! Wonderful.
Very nice....Also nice to see the CFM Engines that extended the life of these old 707's for years! These could prob keep flying forever !
Peter Craddy
The white one is probably an E6B Mercury (US Navy airborne command post & comms relay)
Nice to see these military versions of the Boeing 707 still in service. I was an inspector on Final Assembly in Renton in 1958-59. The first KC135 and "Air Force 1" came through during that time. KC's also required Air Force inspectors. The Presidential 707 had Air Force and Secret Service on scene full time overseeing everything.
George General
The white bird is definitely an E-6 Mercury(TACAMO), the other is a KC-135, not 707(707 is 28 feet longer and width of fuselage is marginally wider.), but you are correct, it is great to see tankers with the CFM-56s.


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