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These 2 images from my father's collection, an original print. Test pilot George Aird, flying an English Electric Lightning F1, ejected at a fantastically low altitude in Hatfield, Hertfordshire 13th September 1962. George Aird AFC, a test pilot with de Havilland Aircraft, ejecting from Lightning P1B XG 332. He was on finals for an emergency landing at Hatfield, following a double reheat fire warning which occurred about 15 miles North East of Hatfield. George was making a normal powered approach, unfortunately he had to position for runway 06 as the wind was from the northeast. His approach to Hatfield was from the NE. The runway was short by service standards so the manually operated barrier had been erected at the northeast end of 06. At about 10 seconds from touchdown, at about 100 ft, the aircraft suddenly pitched nose up and, since there was no response to the controls, he ejected. The aircraft crashed on the airfield, broke up and caught fire. Truly a lucky escape.


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This is an amazing picture set. Thanks for posting!
Dwight Hartje
Neat shot! No wonder the tractor driver turned around to see what was happening.
Juan Rubio
Mark Thomas
Did his chute even open up!?


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