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Piper Aztec (N20DM) - First Contact. This was the first time that the kids saw the Aztec in person in November 2016. After engine shutdown, they came galloping through the magnolias to check out this beauty!  Photo Credit: Shelley Romey
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Piper Aztec (N20DM)


First Contact. This was the first time that the kids saw the Aztec in person in November 2016. After engine shutdown, they came galloping through the magnolias to check out this beauty! Photo Credit: Shelley Romey


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Gavin Hughes
Good human interest pic and nice to get a nice story especially right now.
Phil Stanley
Very nice!
Michael McMurtrey
More photos of the Aztec, please!
mike prendergast
Really great pic!
Bill Butler
The story and the photo both get five big ones!
What an awesome shot! Thank you! I was only slightly older and got my first plane ride in a Piper Cherokee off a grass strip in rural Ohio. Mom and I in the back with my dad in the front with his pilot buddy. Great memories!!
We old Flight Instructors love photos like this.
Thank you Shelley.
Daddy, can we for for a ride? Great shot.
Art Murray
It was a photo similar to this that I got bit by the flying "bug". I think it was 1957. The photo? A Piper Tri-Pacer, green with white trim, parked by a small lake - with kids and parents having a picnic.

Where did I find that photo? It was on the back cover (full page) of either TIME or NEWSWEEK magazine. When was the last time you saw ANY ad to buy an airplane in TIME or NEWSWEEK?

Drove me nuts. I saw that ad and stared at that photo for hours! Literally, for hours. School started some weeks later and I find a "How to Fly" book in the school library and devoured it. Eight years later I got my private.
tom mcdo
did they go for a ride?
Nice photo. I moved near Vero Beach, FL last year.
NEVER in my life did I ever expect to see so many Piper aircraft lol
Even though my 1st G.A. flight was in a Cherokee, I learned to fly in a Cessna and I smile when I see a Cessna overhead these days.
Both my parents and one grandfather flew, so my first ride was in an Ercoupe in 1948, then they traded up to a Navion. Mother raced it in Powder Puff Derby cross-country in late 40’s and let me “fly” it for about 5 minutes until I asked if it were okay to barrel roll it. Good times.
Ian Steer
Joseph Immermann
Love it!!
Arthur Netteler
I learned to Fly in a Piper Apache. That my Dad rebuilt back in 1966. Actually started Flying at 12yo. But by the time I was 16 I had "unofficial" over 300 hours. We moved to Missouri from the King Ranch in Texas when I was 13. I did nearly all my Flying out of FFS (Festus Flight Service). Had my check ride on July 24, 1968. My 16th BDay. We sold that Apache to a long time Friend (Bill Twaits) in St. Louis in 1970. He sold it at EAA Fly-In I think in 1981.. That Apache was like your first GF...hehe
Harald Heuser
Looks like you landed in your back yard.
Charles Dabney
I remember my dad’s Aztec in the ‘80’s and our trips to the Bahamas. My brother was the pilot. We were just young boys with the spirit for aviation. I can just picture their faces.
Robert Cowling

Reminds me of a friend who let one of his friends take his Cessna out for a weekend. Next thing I hear is that the NTSB is trying to find him. Seems the friend didn't have enough experience to handle the plane, and the engine overheated and died, a few miles from the airport. He put it down in a field that fronted a forest. Yeah, the plane had about 30 feet less field than it needed to stop. Without hitting trees. And totaling the plane.

With the engine, and structural damage, the insurance company took one look at the pictures and totaled it. I saw a picture of it, the tail visible, sticking out of the trees and vegetation. Oops... :-O
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