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Airliners of the Future May Sport Some Very Unusual Designs

Next time you spot an airliner flying overhead, consider that it would have looked virtually the same back in 1960. But the shapes of today's jets are about to see dynamic changes. The continuing tenure of these airliners has been aided by the fact that all the world's airport gates are built to handle its shape. Also crucial is the ease of maintenance for today's jets, since engines mounted below the wings provide simple access for mechanics. Add in the industry's cautious approach toward… ( Mehr...

Tickets for first direct UK to Australia flight go on sale

If you’re thinking about escaping to Australia, you’re in luck – because direct flights from the UK are available for the first time. A return trip will cost at least £1,095 and a single journey will take 17 hours to complete. ( Mehr...

'Honor Flight' looking for new generation of veterans

They are looking for Vietnam Veterans to take on future flights. Honor Flights to open to Vietnam Veterans ( Mehr...

Flight attendant explains most annoying rules about flying

EVER wonder if there’s a method to our madness when the crew prepares your flight ( Mehr...

Tragedy averted after Vistara flight with 151 passengers aboard aborts take-off at last moment

A major mishap on Sunday was averted when a Vistara flight was asked to abort its take off at the last moment to avoid crashing into an approaching Indian Air Force (IAF) plane in Chandigarh, PTI reported. The report said that airplane was landing on the same runway at the International Airport. ( Mehr...

Which US Airlines Has The Best Business Class?

Delta, United and American Airlines have all recently launched new Business Class suites or seats named Delta One, United Polaris or American Super Diamond. These improved business class offerings include upgraded business class soft and hard product, with improved seats, food and service. If your ticket price is comparable, which American airline offers the best new Business Class seat and overall experience? United, Delta or American Airlines? ( Mehr...

This Crazy 787 Takeoff Proves Just How Powerful Airliners Can Be

Soon, all eyes in the aviation industry will be turning to the Paris Air Show. This blockbuster event, held on odd-numbered years (as opposed to the Farnborough Air Show which is held on even-numbered years), attracts commercial and military aviation representatives from around the globe, along with thousands of press and aviation enthusiasts. ( Mehr...


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