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IndiGo hikes excess baggage fee for domestic flyers

India's largest domestic airline, IndiGo, has hiked its excess baggage charges for domestic flyers checking-in more than 15 kg. ( Mehr...

Watch : The beautiful blonde pilot whose stunning travel snaps have achieved her insta-fame

The stunning blonde soars through the skies as a pilot, jetting off to various countries and sharing her exploits with her 67,000 Instagram followers. ( Mehr...

(Video) Wings for Doubting Thomas - 1950s Cessna Commercial

Great 1950s Cessna video introducing general aviation to potential pilots ( Mehr...

A350-900 first number machine by Delta Air Lines and the first coming to Narita

A350-900 payment 1 number machine by 13:01 landing and Delta Air Lines was an acquirement flight flight 9761, and 8/19 and Delta Airlines came from Detroit to Narita. The one put in these fuselage and Delta makes the acquirement flight and the study of maintenance, etc. 8/5 really by a new construction machine in abuse abuse and enters service in Narita - Detroit flight from the end of October. ( Mehr...

IndiGo denies 13 A-320 NEOs are grounded, but admits 8 non-functional

Budget carrier IndiGo has denied media reports that 13 of its Airbus A-320 New Engine Option (NEO) aircraft are grounded. According to some reports, the airline had grounded these aircraft which had led to the cancellation of 84 flights. ( Mehr...

Australian scientists believe they can locate #MH370 based on French satellite images

The new analysis is based on French military satellite images gathered on March 23, 2014 — two weeks after Flight 370 mysteriously veered far off course during a flight by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing and were taken near the original underwater search zone. ( Mehr...

Passengers evacuated on the ramp at Winnipeg Airport due to fire alarm

Passengers in the departure areas have been evacuated to the aircraft apron ramp due to fire alarm. UPDATE The airport confirmed evacuation is over and was regarding an AC unit in the terminal that was malfunctioning and causing smoke in the airport. ( Mehr...

Businessman who paid £1,200 to fly to South Africa with British Airways is given a seat that a passenger urinated on

A businessman who paid more than £1,200 to fly to South Africa with British Airways was given a seat that a previous passenger had urinated over. And to add insult to injury, he claims that when he protested, a British Airways stewardess handed him wet wipes to clear up the mess himself. IT consultant Andrew Wilkinson, 39, says it happened when he boarded a flight at the end of July to jet out from Heathrow to see his parents... ( Mehr...


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