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Slovakia donates 13 MiG-29 Aircraft to Ukraine

Slovakia has recently completed the transfer of 13 MiG-29 aircraft in which they have no use for. They are currently out of service, however Ukraine has what it takes to get them airworthy again amidst the war with Russia. (www.theguardian.com) More...

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Economy Passengers Could Soon Lie Down On Airplanes—Meet The Airline That's Doing It First

Economy flights practically guarantee a stiff neck, a child kicking the back of your seat and competition with your seatmate to claim the middle seat's armrests. One airline wants to cure to these traveling ailments: Air New Zealand recently announced the world's first lie-flat "pods" for economy class airplanes, set to debut in 2024. The concept, called "Skynest," has been in research and development for five years and will likely feature two rows of three stacked… (www.cnbc.com) More...

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A second close call at Hollywood Burbank

The second close call in 30 days. This city has been fighting to close this airport because housing and businesses are bumping up against the airport perimeter. It doesn't leave the pilots much wiggle room if an emergency happens, and it's a relatively short runway to boot. (www.nbclosangeles.com) More...

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Qantas Pilots Report Radio Interference and GPS Jamming From Chinese Warships

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Qantas pilots reported repeating radio interference and GPS jamming from Chinese military units in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea. Qantas said there were no safety concerns and has instructed its pilots to keep flying on their routes despite the breach. (www.airlinerwatch.com) More...

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8 Hours Plus: The World’s 5 Longest Boeing 737 MAX Flights This Summer

Long-haul narrowbody flights have always been controversial. Many argue that they're less comfortable than widebodies, although new technology plays a vital role in making cabins feel more spacious. A narrowbody flight has a far lower trip cost than that operated by a widebody. However, it has a higher seat-mile cost and higher cost per seat, but offset by fewer seats to fill. This balance partly depends on the extent of premium passengers and/or a lack of competition, but helping to… (www.msn.com) More...

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Air Tanzania & Air Senegal Team Up To Take Action Over Airbus A220 Groundings

Air Tanzania and Air Senegal are collaborating to mitigate the challenges faced due to the grounding of their Airbus A220-300 aircraft. Several of their A220-300s have been grounded since November due to technical issues with the Pratt & Whitney engines. The Airbus aircraft is powered by PW1524G-3 engines, whose defects have affected all airlines operating similar models. The two airlines grounded the planes without a target date set for which they would return to service. This has resulted… (www.msn.com) More...

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Delta launches pilot program to train next generation of aviators

Delta Propel Flight Academy will welcome the first class of pilots in June (www.foxbusiness.com) More...


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