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PTEParis: Collins Aerospace showcases recently acquired FlightAware

Having acquired the digital aviation company, FlightAware, at the end of 2021 Collins Aerospace has been showcasing how data analytics and machine learning can improve decision-making and enhance overall airport operations during this week’s Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) in Paris. FlightAware provides global flight tracking solutions, as well as predictive technology, analytics and decision-making tools, all of which are helping Collins unlock the full power of the connected ecosystem for its… (www.regionalgateway.net) Mehr...

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In Russia, Western planes are falling apart

An Airbus A320-232 with the tail number YU-APH made its first flight on December 13, 2005. Since then, the aircraft has clocked millions of miles, flying routes for Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines, Bingo Airways, and Syphax Airlines before being taken over by Air Serbia, the Eastern European country’s national flag carrier, in 2014. For eight years, YU-APH flew without any issues—until it landed at 10:37 pm on May 25, 2022, at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport. It had flown in from… (arstechnica.com) Mehr...

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Superjumbos return to skies

Nice to see the A380 coming out of their mothball state. (www.bloomberg.com) Mehr...

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Delta wins right to stay at Dallas airport after lawsuit

Delta Air Lines will get to stay at Love Field, the airport closest to downtown Dallas. The city council this week approved a settlement that will pay Alaska Airlines to let Delta use one of its gates. Southwest Airlines dominates traffic at Love Field, and it has long wanted to remove Delta from sharing one of its gates. (www.msn.com) Mehr...

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Video: Red Air MD-82 catches fire in Miami after landing gear collapse

MIAMI, FLORIDA — A Red Air MD-82 with 126 passengers on board caught fire after landing at Miami International Airport on June 21 when the front landing gear collapsed. Three people had minor injuries during the incident. (www.airlinerwatch.com) Mehr...

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Report: ITA A330 Takes Off After Colliding With Air France 777 At JFK

This incident took place at New York’s JFK Airport on Friday, June 17, 2022. Specifically, it involves: A 21-year-old Air France Boeing 777-200 with the registration code F-GSPQ; this plane had just arrived from Paris, performing flight AF8 A 10-year-old ITA Airways Airbus A330-200 with the registration code EI-EJL; this plane was departing for Rome, performing flight AZ611 The incident was first reported when an Air France pilot contacted JFK ground controllers, and informed them that “there… (onemileatatime.com) Mehr...

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Zipair Tokyo to Launch Flights to San Jose, CA

Japanese budget carrier Zipair Tokyo is poised for further expansion, announcing that beginning in December 2022, the airline will launch nonstop service between Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) and San Jose Norman Y. Mineta Airport (SJC) in the heart of Silicon Valley. Specifics on an exact start date and other details for the route are yet to be announced, but all signs are pointing to a date in December. Reservations for the new route will open in the fall. The route will be competitive with… (aeroxplorer.com) Mehr...

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Navy seeks to replace T-38C Talon trainer

The U.S. Navy is following in the footsteps of the Air Force in an effort to find a replacement for their T-38C Talon aircraft trainers. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) Mehr...


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