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excelente..muy buena foto..!!!

Written on 23.04.2021 by jorge lara

Mirages with US registrations?

Written on 23.04.2021 by Harry Kort

Had the pleasure of working these at Kadena AB, Langley AFB and Seymour-Johnson AFB (E-Models). Love the Eagle.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Jeff Voelkers

Amazing shot!!

Written on 23.04.2021 by Dale Hall

Nice photo Jeroen

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Unique capture with Face Mask livery.....

B Noble, I sure would enjoy watching 747's on a Sunday afternoon in Cincy at the end of Runway 27 as they depart.

CVG a great place to watch planes / Cool Photo

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

One of the greatest aircraft ever built. Is there anywhere a Twin Otter can't go? Terrific photo!

Written on 23.04.2021 by frank theriault

Awesome photo........

I enjoyed flying a Cessna Cardinal RG in much less less scenery over the Midwest USA

Great photo Pascal

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

To me, the photo beautifully demonstrates what military aircraft are all about. Doom and darkness. Don't get me wrong, wonderfully photographed. Looks like a 21st century dragon.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Dan Chiasson

A very unique pic rjm....

Love It !!

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

High Larious

Written on 23.04.2021 by Edmond Boutte

Well, if you are ugly, sell ugly! Congratulations to the owners for having a wonderful sense of humour.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Dan Chiasson

Looks like there may be an ignition problem.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Edmond Boutte

Love The Radio Wagon comment Diana.

Reminds me of Jimmy Stewart.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Edmond Boutte

great (lucky?) timing in the shot! mere inches off the skiway (did not know that was an aviation term). Beauty

Written on 23.04.2021 by Dan Chiasson

The F-18 in the background makes this a great pic.........

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Love the blooming tree and great sky john

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

great photo ! i will make a wall poster !

Written on 23.04.2021 by Frederik deCockBuning


I recognize the cockpit as a C-97 Stratofreighter. There is a Stratofreighter in Dodgeville, WI (close to Madison, Wisconsin USA) privately owned that I have been in half a dozen times.

Awesome photo

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Very Superb Photo Keith.......

I have never seen a F1 Mirage......

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper


Super Photo Gary and crystal clear imagery. I am hoping I see these Vader Guys at Volk Field's War Games in August - Northern Lightning 2 which is hosted near Tomah, WI for 2 weeks.

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Impressive photo Jeroen.

Looks like a C-141 Starlifter on steroids.

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Another Winner..........

Will try some night photos at Oshkosh which is about 25miles from my home.

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Great capture............

Awesome Show you saw.

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper


You get an A Plus Vote from me. Appreciate the photo tip too.

Glad you could attend the Blue Angel's 1st appearance in the Super Hornet. I hope to see them in Milwaukee this summer.

Written on 23.04.2021 by ken kemper

Good Morning. Nice picture. I was on a CV-580 tour of Australia in 2007. Pionair was the airline. They needed our 580 for a long term contract so good old VH-TMQ was chartered to fly a couple legs of our tour. Nice to see an old friend again. It looks to me like they are landing so maybe it's a crosswind they are using the rudder for. I realize no flaps.

Written on 23.04.2021 by David Grimm

Great shot Ed. Thanks for posting this pic showing us this perspective.

Written on 23.04.2021 by John Giambone

Nice shot, I live about half a mile from Lakenheath base and see these beauties most days.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Steve White

Shorts Skyvan

Written on 23.04.2021 by Stephen Floyd

Great shot! It was a tough day to shoot pics. Thankfully the weather cleared for the Blue Angels show at 2021 Sun-N-Fun.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Alberto G. Ribas

Spectacular photo!

Written on 23.04.2021 by frank theriault


Written on 23.04.2021 by frank theriault

Circus clown?

Written on 23.04.2021 by Tony Silverstrå

Definitely in the eyes of the beholder.

Written on 23.04.2021 by Mark Gould

Plane is owned by Fliegergruppe Wien

Written on 23.04.2021 by ghaussner

Wicked good photo!!

Written on 22.04.2021 by Lonnie Penner

One of my 3 favorite single engine rotorcraft.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Douglas Hoff

Nice photo, Don

Written on 22.04.2021 by David Swiggs

Excellent shot Andrew.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Dave Sheehy

Wrong photo.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Richard Rutkowski

Of course Kiwis can fly - they just like to do it in style. :)

Written on 22.04.2021 by Mike Loftus

Oh wow! That is a pretty one! appears to be in really nice shape too.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Tom Glass

Good and high quality image

Written on 22.04.2021 by xrecovery xrecovery

Seeing the Dash 8s less and less. The good news is the seats are almost completely full again. The bad news is that the Dash 8s are being replaced with equipment that has greater seating capacity. The good news is that it won't be long before we start seeing ASA Boeings back here again (prior to Covid, ASA had been using Boeing equipment on the RNO-SEA route).

Written on 22.04.2021 by Gary Schenauer

Awesome Plane!!!!!!

Written on 22.04.2021 by sean gladney

Nice art work, but MAN, that's a lot of colors.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Chris Bryant

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) was originally the Falkland Islands Dependencies and there is a long tradition of registering British Antarctic Survey ships and aircraft in the Falkland Islands as part of that connection.

Written on 22.04.2021 by rjm045

Fantastic photo!! 5 stars for sure. Thanks!

Written on 22.04.2021 by Alan Brown

P-51 is my all time favorite aircraft. Love the sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Harry Ellett

So Pretty ! Those old landing gear wheels always remind of a "Radio Wagon."

Written on 22.04.2021 by Diana Rose

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