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At KLMO (2V2 when she started her residency). Air West Flight Center is no more, now Elite Aviation.

Written on 04.10.2022 by jadwin79

At Buena Vista, prior to P. Ponk engine and 3-blade prop upgrades.

Written on 04.10.2022 by jadwin79

15- 2015 version if the Flying Brick? Glide ratio was 1-1 and that is despicable as an aircraft. Dedicated to the proposition that with engough thrust, even a brick can fly.

Chuck Yeager was proud to fly the F-86 and 'smoke' the Mig-15/17s

Written on 04.10.2022 by a mentor

He aint wondering nothing -- he's not not even aboard and the engine is stopped -- Sheez

Written on 04.10.2022 by a mentor

While the Netherlands service was from 1994, the airframe originated in 1954 and is STILL in production with the J model. For accomlishments, see C-130 Carrier operations -- DFC awarded to the pilot

Written on 04.10.2022 by a mentor

Nice reference Skylab72! Had to look it up myself :-)

(NEW YORK, NY – November 19, 2018)—Through Conserving Computer-Based Art (CCBA), a
research and treatment initiative to preserve software and computer-based artworks in the museum’s permanent collection, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum has completed the restoration of Unfolding Object (2002) by John F. Simon Jr. (b. 1963, Shreveport, Louisiana). Originally commissioned by the Guggenheim, Unfolding Object is one of three seminal web artworks in the collection, including Brandon (1998–99) by Shu Lea Cheang, which was restored by the CCBA in 2017,
and net.flag (2002) by Mark Napier.

Written on 04.10.2022 by a mentor

Chris: Is that the US Flag at 35,000 feet?

Written on 04.10.2022 by warmwynds

Nice, but where?

Written on 04.10.2022 by William Crooker

I owned this plane 1982 - 1985. Got my instrument rating in her. Nice paint job!

Written on 04.10.2022 by Isaac Shalom

Where are the 'READ THE RULES!!' comments?

Written on 04.10.2022 by Rick D

Until recently this aircraft was blank with only the red and blue portions of the livery showing who the aircraft operates for. Very recently the aircraft received the full New England Patriots Livery! Once again a huge Thank You to the Des Moines Airport Operations team for the incredible opportunity to photograph aircraft on the ramp! This is the third time I have had such an opportunity to do so, and each time has been incredibly rewarding!

Written on 04.10.2022 by Dwight Hartje

Tribute to an airline which was chewed up and spit out by US Air.

Written on 03.10.2022 by Mike Boote

Owner pref... The two-bladed butter paddles are better for getting off the ground and the three-bladed with spinner are more efficient at cruise. Owner pays the money makes the choice.

Written on 03.10.2022 by skylab72

Pretty sure you are right, I expanded the pic to full size and the vertical stab has '140' on it.

Written on 03.10.2022 by skylab72

Thanks James! Information updated.

Written on 03.10.2022 by N2KI

Thank you Gary!

Written on 03.10.2022 by Darryl Sarno

Nice shot John!

Written on 03.10.2022 by Darryl Sarno

Unter dem Flugzeug? Eher kleines Wohnmobil.

Written on 03.10.2022 by skylab72

If the Guggenheim Challenge were held today this aircraft would likely win.

Written on 03.10.2022 by skylab72

Tail Number N5371K Registration Owner EXECUTIVE AVIATION LLC Serial Number 17274085 Mode S Code 51546363 Rademaker Richard S 9039 W Watson Ln, Peoria, AZ 85381 12pm 10-3-22 1210pm 10-3-22 2

Written on 03.10.2022 by James Wellman

My Dad, Wes Kille, flew 52 combat missions the B-25 in the MTO. He was in the 321st Bomb Group, 448th Squadron.

Written on 03.10.2022 by gkille

Beautiful photo. My dad flew these in World War II in the Mediterranean Theater.

Written on 03.10.2022 by gkille

Excellent catch, Pascal! You even caught the props nearly perfectly synced. I remember working on one as an apprentice at Lockheed. Used to use the old nixie-tube synchronizing box to get those engines synced up. Fun times for a kid working on Kelly's flight line.

Written on 03.10.2022 by William Barker

A Very Nice Plane to say the least... Job well done on the restoration.

Written on 03.10.2022 by sparkie624

Stellar Shot; beautiful aircraft.

Written on 03.10.2022 by Diana Rose

Got to love the old Mig 28s!

Written on 03.10.2022 by Aaron Hall

It's easier to steal designs and modify them rather than design/develop their own.

Written on 03.10.2022 by Jim Quinn

It's "brussels airlines", not "Belavia".

Written on 03.10.2022 by StarkBjorn

Thank you Bruce!

Written on 03.10.2022 by Manuel E. Silva

look at the wing, glide ratio of a manhole cover! A pretty bird and photo though!

Written on 03.10.2022 by bentwing60


Written on 03.10.2022 by redirect

Juicy indeed :)

Written on 03.10.2022 by Louis Perez

Long boi

Written on 03.10.2022 by cecek

This is old as qantas does not operate 747’s anymore, but still a good photo

Written on 02.10.2022 by Levi Shepherd

This foto was taken by my daughter (Luisa)

Written on 02.10.2022 by CARLOS VITORINO

Thank you verymuch!

Written on 02.10.2022 by CARLOS VITORINO

Awesome photo

Written on 02.10.2022 by Bruce Solov

Is this a fabulous photo or what?
The livery and the ability to see passengers at the windows; such a catch!

Written on 02.10.2022 by jeff slack

RCAF designation is actually CF-188 with a military registration number of 188794

Written on 02.10.2022 by Rickh52

Forgot to add this in Description... This was a Panning shot

Written on 02.10.2022 by Joe Burke

A Lot of editing had to be done to clear my shot up here, So Son't be surprised of the Lower Quality.

Written on 02.10.2022 by Joe Burke

Beautiful shot

Written on 01.10.2022 by Jonathan Malizia

Photo submitted 11 years ago and Guido is still here and corrected it. :) Thanks Guido for all the years of aircraft photos from all your travels around the globe. If you ever stop off in PYM stop at the Jet Center and we can shake hands.

Written on 01.10.2022 by davesheehy

parfait! well done sir! 5*+++

Written on 01.10.2022 by davesheehy


Written on 01.10.2022 by Gene Pardee

Hi captain Guido, you welcome. I know, i'm the one who offered you the stickers and keychain at the airport. Safe trips.

Written on 01.10.2022 by Nelson Rodrigues

Thank you Mark - corrected.

Written on 01.10.2022 by Guido Warnecke

Merci Ken. Have a nice day!

Written on 01.10.2022 by michel charron

Photo taken by Macon Harris

Written on 01.10.2022 by Blake Stidham

Photo taken by Macon Harris

Written on 01.10.2022 by Blake Stidham

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