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Might have the call sign incorrect, as N305CL is a different plane. See

Written on 10/04/2023 by Erik Tkal

GAF 2710, not N2710.

Written on 10/04/2023 by Paul Wisgerhof

Nice. Wish I could hear that picture.

Written on 10/04/2023 by David Calder

Great looking 150!

Written on 10/04/2023 by Tom Glass

Was this converted into a freighter by PEMCO in Dothan, AL?

Written on 10/04/2023 by Larry Toler

I always found this plane a fantastic shape...

Written on 10/04/2023 by serge LOTH

My dream...

Written on 10/04/2023 by serge LOTH

This week is particulary exceptional..

Written on 10/04/2023 by serge LOTH

I understand... but the inscription destroy the livery...nethertheless..

Written on 10/04/2023 by serge LOTH

Such a good thing to maintain all these historics planes..somewhere in the world..

Written on 10/04/2023 by serge LOTH


Written on 10/04/2023 by Kwame Afari

Upvoting to even things out - I just wonder where this shot was taken. Looks like Arizona but not a field I recognize.

Written on 10/03/2023 by Flynbike

Awesome! Not sure what is going on with the right side exhaust stack.

Written on 10/03/2023 by bbabis

but @James Simms: isn't that exactly what YOU keep reverting too? Think it over buddy

Written on 10/03/2023 by a mentor

the B-25J was primarily a ground support aircraft (hence the 4 external 50 cals) but used as necessary when required

Written on 10/03/2023 by a mentor


Written on 10/03/2023 by Diana Rose

Fascinating; enchanting; captivating!

Written on 10/03/2023 by Diana Rose

Stellar Shot!

Written on 10/03/2023 by Diana Rose

Great shot of an awesome aircraft!

Written on 10/03/2023 by Tom Heaverlo

Great capture. Thanks for sharing.

Written on 10/02/2023 by Ronald Mullins

Hi Ken, The owner of this aircraft, Doug Larsen and his family perished when the plane crashed Sunday. So sad.

Written on 10/02/2023 by theaboo1961

Amazing shot, Tom. I'm more a big jets guy, but this picture is perfect.

Written on 10/02/2023 by David Plummer

@Doug: Bi*ch Gripe, Bi*chGripe, Bi*ch Gripe, Bi*ch Gripe, Bi*ch Gripe, Bi*ch Gripe

I bet your Parents were happy to see you leave the house

Written on 10/02/2023 by James Simms

Looks like she is going 400 mph just taxiing .

Written on 10/02/2023 by Tom Fox

Was this version a bomber, ground attack or both?

Written on 10/02/2023 by Tom Fox

Using the moon for scale, I'd estimate 2300 feet altitude.

Written on 10/02/2023 by rairden

I was AC/IP on this particular aircraft while with the 55th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron at McClellan AFB (KMCC) in Sacramento (1985-1991). Seems like a lifetime ago. We used to call this one "The Antichrist" for somewhat obvious reasons, although she was as gentle as any of the others...61-2665, 61-2667, 61-2670, 61-2672, 61,2673, and 61-2674. Fun times and great memories.

Written on 10/02/2023 by Grant Phifer

The mission count of 122 flights in 1944 -1945, was that a lot for a light bomber back then over enemy turf?

Written on 10/02/2023 by NICHOLAS ANGEL

It's a Learjet 36A

Written on 10/02/2023 by Alan Macdonald

Fantastic shot Ricardo!

Written on 10/02/2023 by John Giambone

Best P.R. for a flight school

Written on 10/02/2023 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

What a great digital cockpit and what a remarkable difference to the "steam" version of the past!!

Written on 10/02/2023 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

Can't detect any hardware designed to scoop water into the hopper.

Written on 10/01/2023 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

It turned out very well Colin! And it's!!

Written on 10/01/2023 by Lonnie Penner

Good Job on that rush to Children's hospital!
"That Others May Live"!

Written on 10/01/2023 by Randall Maness

Looking Good

Written on 10/01/2023 by ed650p

Excellent plan 👌

Written on 10/01/2023 by Jagdish Mistry

2023-10-01 C-FTOD --> Cessna 150M
Base of Operations: --> CSC3 Drummondville, Quebec, CANADA
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: --> 2022-12-02

Registered Owner Information Name: --> Richcopter Inc. Gatineau QC Canada

Written on 10/01/2023 by Dominique Desilets

KMHR (Airport, Mather Airport)

Written on 10/01/2023 by Alex Gregerson

Caden, how 'bout A300, A330, A340, A350??? :)

Written on 09/30/2023 by kenneth miller

I used to own this, it is a great plane.

Written on 09/30/2023 by Joe Delene

Favorite #2.

Written on 09/30/2023 by Samuel Davidson

Sends chills up my spine! Beautiful bird!

Written on 09/30/2023 by Samuel Davidson


Written on 09/30/2023 by Mark Albrecht


Written on 09/30/2023 by James Walth

"Devil Dog" is actually B-25J-30-NC. The Serial Number is 44-86758

Written on 09/30/2023 by a mentor

I learned to fly on an aircraft like that, actually a Cessna 150. I'm commenting on this though because the call sign is near and dear to me. I was born on April 19th, 1949. (49 19 4).

Written on 09/30/2023 by Larry Roberts

It appears that there is a light coating of frost on the cold fuselage skin of D-ALCJ.

Written on 09/29/2023 by David Seider

Beautiful! That is a symbol!

Written on 09/29/2023 by Jim Hanlon

great contribution. outstanding.

Written on 09/29/2023 by scott j swanson

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