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Rolls-Royce Reveals Launch Customers for LessorCare Programme

Engine maker Rolls-Royce has named AerCap, Avolon and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise as launch customers for a new support programme tailored to the needs of lessors. ( Mehr...

Puerto Rico’s Seaborne Airlines Being Sold To US Carrier

Seaborne Airlines will soon belong to US carrier Silver Airways. The Puerto-Rico based airline has announced that it has signed the agreement for the sale of all its business and assets. But it assured that all flight schedules remain unchanged. ( Mehr...

IAG 'Disappointed' After Losing NIKI to Rival Bidder

British Airways parent IAG has confirmed that its bid for Austrian carrier Niki has not succeeded, following a change of insolvency proceedings for the Air Berlin operation. ( Mehr...

African Countries To Establish Single Air Transport Market

After years of marathon negotiations African Union (AU) officials expect dozens of the continent’s countries to launch the African single air transport market by the end of this month. Of the more than 40 countries expected to participate, 23 already have subscribed. ( Mehr...

At final turn, racing legend Lauda wins back his airline

Austrian racing driving legend Niki Lauda looked Tuesday to have won a dramatic race for Niki, the airline he founded in 2003 and then ceded to the now-defunct Air Berlin. ( Mehr...


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