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Boeing 737-700 (N7842A)



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patti pickett
Is it possible for you stop ruining the photo page with these bullshit shots that you post? It gets so old looking at an aircraft that is that far up and that blurry that it ruins the integrity of the FlightAware photo page. Get some excercise and go to an airport and shoot some photos that people want to look at. Nice crisp photos that you can actually tell what kind of aircraft it is. I know I'm not the only person that has the same feeling so hopefully others will speak up also!
Bill Mallinson
so so true Patti.
He is an oxygen thief and a stealer of bandwidth.
He sits inside all day watching flight radar so he can try and work out what to put on his shit shots.
FlightAware needs to kick his sorry arse until such time he gets something worth looking at !
Chris CollinsworthPhoto Uploader
Funny how douche bag Bill will only comment on a half ass picture but the ones everyone love he hides.
Roy Hunte
Bill and Patti, your language may be offensive to someone, it does not belong on this site. Patti has never uploaded a photo so has no right to criticize.
sam kuminecz
if you want professional photos check out another site, this is free for anyone to take photos
everyone has different cameras, skills, and locales where they can start

I applaude chris for this photo. its very hard to take a photo of an object moving at 600mph and 7 miles up. ***** for the attempt
keep it up buddy
Roy Hunte
On a note of help to those who want high quality and nothing else, try jetphotos.net. All photos uploaded there are screened and approved before release to the general public. The comments are screened too so derogatory comments never appear.
Roy Hunte
(My pics wouldn't stand a chance on that site....)lol
patti pickett
It is not hard AT ALL shooting a plane cruise. Easier than him flying in front of you at an air show flying past. My wallpaper is a DHL A388 at cruise and it took 2 shots to get it. Slap nuts there has 2 or 3 minutes to shoot each of his blurry photos. And Roy, the language is just like the TV, change the channel. And slap nuts Roy, if you are a member, you do have a right to criticize. And now for Sam, I'm not looking for high quality photos on here, from him I am looking for something besides a colored blur in the sky. One or two, ok, but a page of that crap just knocks all the decent photos back down the chain. And all you "it's a free site" folks, you can post whatever you want, I promise there are more people that feel the way I do than you do. Next witness your honor?
Roy Hunte
Seriously a DHL A388? DHL doesn't have A388s nor was there an A38F built that could be flying for DHL. (I assume you mean a DLH A388[Deutsch Lufthansa] that is your desktop.) BTW so far we have gotten 2 idiots removed from this site because of their language.
Roy Hunte
And why don't you upload some photos so we can see how 'good' a photographer you are, Patti.
patti pickett
Sorry know it all, I meant DLH. There was a DHL that I was tracking overhead and my hummingbirds keep fighting so I mixed up 2 letters. My goodness you must work for the faa with that bit of detective work. But that plane at 35,000 feet would have been photographed by Mr. Blur and posted with date stamp and time and uploaded. And like I said earlier, because you are a member does not mean you have to post photos. First off my son flys a certain type of biz jet as did my father and am an enthusiast. I like looking at planes, special liveries, and not BLUR!!!! Like the person that shares his name with a retired Bengals wide receiver.
Roy Hunte
All good, no hard feelings just that some people are easily offended. As a matter of fact I take junk photos myself, the ones I have uploaded are the best of mine. (I need a camera...)
patti pickett
Same here Roy. We are all here for the same reason,,,,,a love for aviation. Or to track aircraft? If I said something to offend you, I apologize. Too much hate in this world already! I use F/A to see where my son is if he is out and can see when he about to land home. I also enjoy looking at the photos with the different liveries and restorations and new aircraft and I will use this as an example, when ANA did the Star Wars 787's, there were some really nice photos posted. But if the person in question posted that R2-D2 plane in his style of posting, you would have seen none of the livery and if it's just a couple photos, no big deal. But to post almost a full page and drop all the decent photos to another page just set me off. And it has been a topic in the forums more than once. Maybe I should have left it there but I was looking at photos when he started posting so I left it in the comment box. Anyway, no hard feeling here Roy and hope to talk to you soon, in a more civilized manner,,,,HaHa,,,,Take care Roy
Chris CollinsworthPhoto Uploader
Roy and Sam thank you.
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
18.09.2020 B737Nashville ()Detroit () 19:42 CDT 21:48 EDT 1:06
18.09.2020 B737Pensacola Intl ()Nashville () 17:19 CDT 18:18 CDT 0:58
18.09.2020 B737William P Hobby ()Pensacola Intl () 15:21 CDT 16:26 CDT 1:04
18.09.2020 B737Orlando ()William P Hobby () 12:52 EDT 13:55 CDT 2:02
18.09.2020 B737Milwaukee Mitchell Intl Airport ()Orlando () 08:19 CDT 11:37 EDT 2:17
17.09.2020 B737Nashville ()Milwaukee Mitchell Intl Airport () 17:38 CDT 18:48 CDT 1:10
17.09.2020 B737Philadelphia ()Nashville () 15:06 EDT 15:47 CDT 1:40
17.09.2020 B737Nashville ()Philadelphia () 11:35 CDT 14:08 EDT 1:32
17.09.2020 B737Denver ()Nashville () 07:08 MDT 10:13 CDT 2:05
16.09.2020 B737Phoenix ()Denver () 18:59 MST 21:24 MDT 1:25
16.09.2020 B737Will Rogers World ()Phoenix () 17:56 CDT 17:50 MST 1:53
16.09.2020 B737Denver ()Will Rogers World () 14:42 MDT 16:54 CDT 1:11
16.09.2020 B737Salt Lake City ()Denver () 12:39 MDT 13:43 MDT 1:04
16.09.2020 B737Las Vegas ()Salt Lake City () 09:42 PDT 11:43 MDT 1:00
16.09.2020 B737Phoenix ()Las Vegas () 07:48 MST 08:32 PDT 0:44
15.09.2020 B737Kansas City ()Phoenix () 18:10 CDT 18:24 MST 2:13
15.09.2020 B737Tampa ()Kansas City () 15:54 EDT 17:16 CDT 2:22
15.09.2020 B737Fort Lauderdale ()Tampa () 14:09 EDT 14:49 EDT 0:39
15.09.2020 B737St. Louis ()Fort Lauderdale () 09:34 CDT 12:53 EDT 2:18
15.09.2020 B737Eppley Airfield ()St. Louis () 07:45 CDT 08:36 CDT 0:50
14.09.2020 B737Chicago-Midway ()Eppley Airfield () 19:59 CDT 21:05 CDT 1:05
14.09.2020 B737Atlanta ()Chicago-Midway () 18:06 EDT 18:36 CDT 1:29
14.09.2020 B737Baltimore ()Atlanta () 15:29 EDT 17:00 EDT 1:30
14.09.2020 B737Greater Rochester Intl ()Baltimore () 13:19 EDT 14:11 EDT 0:51
14.09.2020 B737Baltimore ()Greater Rochester Intl () 11:31 EDT 12:18 EDT 0:47
14.09.2020 B737Charleston Intl/AFB ()Baltimore () 09:22 EDT 10:27 EDT 1:04
13.09.2020 B737Baltimore ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 19:14 EDT 20:21 EDT 1:06
13.09.2020 B737Orlando ()Baltimore () 15:50 EDT 17:47 EDT 1:56
13.09.2020 B737Nashville ()Orlando () 12:32 CDT 14:56 EDT 1:23
13.09.2020 B737San Antonio ()Nashville () 08:02 CDT 10:20 CDT 2:18
11.09.2020 B737William P Hobby ()San Antonio () 19:30 CDT 20:05 CDT 0:34
11.09.2020 B737Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()William P Hobby () 17:43 CDT 18:14 CDT 0:31
11.09.2020 B737William P Hobby ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 15:45 CDT 16:13 CDT 0:28
11.09.2020 B737San Diego ()William P Hobby () 09:34 PDT 14:14 CDT 2:39
10.09.2020 B737Sacramento ()San Diego () 19:11 PDT 20:18 PDT 1:06
10.09.2020 B737Los Angeles-Ontario ()Sacramento () 16:54 PDT 17:57 PDT 1:03
10.09.2020 B737San José ()Los Angeles-Ontario () 14:57 PDT 15:50 PDT 0:52
10.09.2020 B737Bob Hope ()San José () 12:45 PDT 13:31 PDT 0:46
10.09.2020 B737Phoenix ()Bob Hope () 10:21 MST 11:30 PDT 1:08
10.09.2020 B737Las Vegas ()Phoenix () 08:16 PDT 08:59 MST 0:43
09.09.2020 B737Dallas Love Field ()Las Vegas () 20:30 CDT 20:53 PDT 2:23
09.09.2020 B737Salt Lake City ()Dallas Love Field () 15:12 MDT 18:35 CDT 2:22
09.09.2020 B737Phoenix ()Salt Lake City () 11:43 MST 14:15 MDT 1:32
09.09.2020 B737San Antonio ()Phoenix () 10:44 CDT 10:39 MST 1:54
08.09.2020 B737William P Hobby ()San Antonio () 19:33 CDT 20:08 CDT 0:34
08.09.2020 B737Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()William P Hobby () 17:40 CDT 18:11 CDT 0:30
08.09.2020 B737William P Hobby ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 15:45 CDT 16:14 CDT 0:28
08.09.2020 B737San Diego ()William P Hobby () 09:34 PDT 14:17 CDT 2:43
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