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Boeing 727-200 (N560PE)


KSJC - B-727 arriving from Houston - date apprx Summer 1988


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Gary Schenauer
I clearly remember one of COA's advertising slogans during the time the Continental birds wore this livery: "The Proud Bird With The Golden Tail" COA was one of the airlines that transported troops into (and out of) the Far East, and that particular slogan had a couple of different interpretations. And no matter which way it was interpreted, the slogan was a truly memorable one!
Fantastic shot, Alien. The "full five" and more if I could ...
Thomas Meyer
I worked for Continental Airlines (Flight Operations) for almost 10 years in New Orleans, LA.
Flew on this very plane many times!
Was an awesome airline!
Mitch Ford
@Gary Schenauer

As soon as I saw that photo, the first thing through my mind was "The Proud Bird With The Golden Tail" too.

Then I saw your comment! I actually miss the colorfulness of this liver.

Mike Boote
"The proud bird with the golden tail". They also had a jingle that went:
"We really move our tail for you
To make you every dream come true
At Continental Airlines -
We really move our tail for you!"

How many remember the LAX-ORD flights were the flight attendants were Playboy Bunnies?
Gary Schenauer
Mike B: (HUGE grin here) I sure remember it. THAT'S what I meant by my comment that the slogan "had a couple of different interpretations." And I can assure you, 100%, that COA didn't just have Playboy-Bunny looking Flight Attendants only on the LAX-ORD trips. Similarly attractive Flt Attendants (we called them stewardesses back then because they were all just one gender, young, and unattached) also worked those overseas troop charter flights. Yeah, man, I miss Continental, I miss the B727, and I miss air travel the way it used to be. (lol lol lol)
Gary Schenauer
Mitch: This was without a doubt the best livery that COA had. Oh, I'm OK with the Continental Airlines heritage livery that is painted on N75436, but I agree with you; I miss this livery.
AND ... I miss Continental. AND ... I miss the Boeing 727. (High Five to you, Mitch, and to Thomas M) :-)
Dave Nosek
Flew them to and from Thailand in 1966. Great flights both ways. Non stop from Okinawa to Travis. Long trip but the crew was great and really seemed to enjoy taking care of our troops.
Dave Nosek
Flew with them to and from Thailand in 1966. Great trip in both directions. The crew really seemed proud to be taking care of our troops. Nonstop from Okinawa to Travis. Everyone cheering when we touched down.
Dave Nosek
Flew CO to and from Thailand in 1966. B707-320 I believe. Great flights in both directions. Flight crew really seemed to be proud serving our troops. We flew non stop from Okinawa to Travis. Landed to cheers from everyone on board the aircraft.
Monty Roper
Also worked for Continental from 69-84 in OKC and B-727 was the work horse of its fleet. Yes those were the good old days when people looked forward to flying. Other slogans that Continental was associated with were : The Brass Ass with the Shiny Hiney!
george val
I worked at CAL maintenance facility at LAX as and inspector and supervisor from 1983-1995 before I became a pilot. Remember this A/C during overhaul it was a People Express bird as noted on registration N560(PE). The meatball on the tail was black before, most of us liked the red color much better. Thanks for posting this pic!
Mathias Böttcher
super, a captain to listen ! interesting ! my respect !


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