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McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 (N941F) - A McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-33F, msn 47193, manufactured in 1968, showing FAA registration N941F at KLFT, Lafayette Regional Airport, circa 2000. This aircraft was sold in 2011 and registered as XA-DHL in Mexico to Aeronaves TSM.
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McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 (N941F)


A McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-33F, msn 47193, manufactured in 1968, showing FAA registration N941F at KLFT, Lafayette Regional Airport, circa 2000. This aircraft was sold in 2011 and registered as XA-DHL in Mexico to Aeronaves TSM.


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Casey Samnek
Very nice, Cliff! 5-stars!
cliff731Photo Uploader
Thanks, Casey... I appreciate the kind words.

I was equally impressed with your DC-9 photo capture at KJAN... and apparently, so were the FA staff!
sam kuminecz
Thanks for a classic cliff...
cliff731Photo Uploader
Sam, you are welcome and thanks for the kind words!

I used to see DC-9 types flying often. Not so much anymore.
sam kuminecz
The only -9s I see nowadays are junky USA jet ...miss the NWA and DHL banana bombers
cliff731Photo Uploader
Sam, I can see the "banana bomber" moniker... and I sure do miss seeing the DC-9 airliners.
sam kuminecz
Cliff, just put up another 100 old postcards...enjoy memory lane
cliff731Photo Uploader
Sam, you betcha... I am enjoying that trip down memory lane and those photos!
sam kuminecz
Was just on jet photos.com looking at all the old birds at kingman...shook my head when I saw a few new E170s there too
Chris Partin
Very Nice, Such A Shame I have Never Seen A DC-9 Before (im 12 btw) And American MD-80s days are numbered, By Next Year There Will Be NO MORE AAL MD-80s Flying

On Other News I Gave This Picture A Five Stars
Chris Partin
Where Is Her Now?
cliff731Photo Uploader
Chris Partin - Apparently, this DC-9 remains active with Aeronaves TSM as XA-DHL...

Chris Partin
This photo is still amazing!
Chris Partin
My dude, i think, he may not be doing it, but i think jobeard and whatever that other guy is, they might be keep rating my photos one star!!!! i uploaded THIRTEEN PHOTOs yesterday, good photos! and EVERY SINGEL ONE OF THEM got one star! EVERY ONE!!!!! and they were good photos! a few months back i uploaded the SAME THING A7-BED and GY-BYGF were doing when i caught them! which was approaching 1R at 3K FT by my house! THIRTEEN! AND NOTHING BUT ONE! ;( This makes me sad and less motivated to make photos because one means poor, so people think my photos are poor, (P.S the photo of N705CK has two stars, that was me covering up my shame.... maybe go take a look? :(

Also he commented on a few of my museum photos talking about the aircraft information when i already knew everything he said!
cliff731Photo Uploader
To somewhat quote our very distinguished FA photographer and superlative contributor @Gary Schenauer, it's the number of photo views that is important. Don't worry about the number of "stars"!

This photo above was captured with Fuji 35mm film using a Canon 35mm camera and lens... and then converted to a digital file. Best view is on the "full" setting.
Chris Partin
glad to know that this aircraft is still flyin! when i am older i will buy a plane ticket to lousivevile! i see that SDF gets lots of very old planes! a few weeks ago i went to KFJKs departure paths, sorry i mean EWRs departures, and guess what i saw? a Kalitta Charters Boeing B727-200 departing for Louisville! plus they have lots of heavies like B747s, MD-11s, etc.
Chris Partin
i miss the DC-9s, if only i could see one
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