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Airbus A319 (N328NV) - The new Allegiant Las Vegas Raiders "Raider Nation" special livery is on full display in this snap taken yesterday (Sep 10, 2021) as AAY's N328NV is a few feet away from touching the mains down on the 16L concrete.
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Airbus A319 (N328NV)


The new Allegiant Las Vegas Raiders "Raider Nation" special livery is on full display in this snap taken yesterday (Sep 10, 2021) as AAY's N328NV is a few feet away from touching the mains down on the 16L concrete.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This one paid two separate visits to RNO yesterday so I had multiple opportunities to click it. This is one of the 71 photos I snapped of it.
Your 1,700th shot Gary. And what a shot! The silver and black looks very elegant.
Darryl Sarno
Congratulations on grabbing this new special livery Gary! This is a sharp looking livery and filling in all 5!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Darryl. Thanks, my friend. I was really stoked to have caught it because it was only out for a few days. Little RNO doesn't have it happen too often where we see a new livery just after they come out. Even that new Southwest livery (the US flag) has only been here once and that was merely because it was used as replacement equipment on a much-delayed flight from DEN to here. It arrived here from DEN after 2 AM and departed at 6 AM. And that's the only time it has been here. So this was a treat to get a capture of a brand new paint scheme. TY for the "5.'
@ The Martin Alliance .... Holy Smokes! I had not even known that it was my 1,700th post. (How did YOU know that?? lol) Actually, I am stunned that I have that many in my folder. But sadly, I now realize that with so many pics in the folder, the earliest ones will never get viewed any more. No person in their right mind is going to take the time to go back thru 1,700 photos. So I probably should start requesting FA to delete the very earliest ones. I'll think about that. But Thank You VM for letting me know, because I really had not realized it. And BTW, please keep your superb posts coming.
Greg Byington
That's a great catch, Gary! Five stars from me! Also, DO NOT have FA delete your old pics! I do go back and look through old pics from you and other FA contributors every once in a while. Some of the best pics are the older ones. And although I don't watch football very much, I did watch the Monday Night Football game with the Raiders playing the Ravens last night. It was a really good game with the Raiders pulling out the win in overtime. It was their first game in Vegas in their new stadium. Which, by the way, is named the Allegiant Stadium. Hey, that's quite a coincidence that the name of the airline (based in Las Vegas) is the same as the stadium. I wonder how that happened? (wink, wink) Keep up the great work! I love seeing your pictures!
Cool livery!
John Madden would have loved it! Great livery; great shot.
Joe Lewis
John Madden may have loved it, but he never would have ridden in it.. LOL
Dwight Hartje
Epic catch of this stunning livery! I often criticize airlines for the lackluster effort in special liveries. However, this year has brought us some incredible liveries including this amazing livery! Allegiant even adjusted their branding to fit the Las Vegas Raiders branding to complete this livery, and make it one of the best liveries in a year filled with amazing paint jobs!
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
21.01.2022 A319Shreveport Rgnl ()Las Vegas () 23:44 CST 00:29 PST (+1) 2:45
21.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Shreveport Rgnl () 18:05 PST 22:29 CST 2:24
21.01.2022 A319Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Las Vegas () 15:36 MST 15:20 PST 0:43
21.01.2022 A319Gallatin Field ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 12:34 MST 14:26 MST 1:51
21.01.2022 A319Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Gallatin Field () 09:13 MST 11:14 MST 2:00
21.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 06:20 PST 08:09 MST 0:48
20.01.2022 A319Stockton Metro ()Las Vegas () 22:15 PST 23:12 PST 0:56
20.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Stockton Metro () 20:20 PST 21:20 PST 0:59
20.01.2022 A319Bismarck Muni ()Las Vegas () 18:43 CST 18:57 PST 2:13
20.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Bismarck Muni () 13:16 PST 17:42 CST 2:25
20.01.2022 A319Minot Intl ()Las Vegas () 12:00 CST 12:10 PST 2:09
20.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Minot Intl () 06:16 PST 11:01 CST 2:44
17.01.2022 A319Rapid City Rgnl ()Las Vegas () 22:05 MST 23:00 PST ausgefallen
17.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Rapid City Rgnl () 18:05 PST 21:00 MST ausgefallen
17.01.2022 A319Rogue Valley Intl ()Las Vegas () 15:14 PST 16:42 PST 1:27
17.01.2022 A319John Wayne ()Rogue Valley Intl () 12:32 PST 14:04 PST 1:31
17.01.2022 A319Rogue Valley Intl ()John Wayne () 09:49 PST 11:31 PST 1:41
17.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Rogue Valley Intl () 07:14 PST 08:47 PST 1:32
16.01.2022 A319Grand Forks Intl ()Las Vegas () 22:31 CST 23:13 PST 2:41
16.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Grand Forks Intl () 16:32 PST 21:17 CST 2:44
16.01.2022 A319Grand Junction Rgnl ()Las Vegas () 15:27 MST 15:29 PST 1:01
16.01.2022 A319John Wayne ()Grand Junction Rgnl () 11:42 PST 14:10 MST 1:27
16.01.2022 A319Grand Junction Rgnl ()John Wayne () 09:57 MST 10:26 PST 1:28
16.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Grand Junction Rgnl () 07:05 PST 09:07 MST 1:02
15.01.2022 A319Stockton Metro ()Las Vegas () 16:43 PST 17:41 PST 0:57
15.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Stockton Metro () 14:48 PST 15:41 PST 0:52
15.01.2022 A319Fresno Yosemite Intl ()Las Vegas () 13:02 PST 13:54 PST 0:52
15.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Fresno Yosemite Intl () 11:02 PST 11:47 PST 0:45
14.01.2022 A319San Antonio ()Las Vegas () 22:49 CST 23:18 PST 2:28
14.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()San Antonio () 17:50 PST 21:47 CST 1:57
14.01.2022 A319John Wayne ()Las Vegas () 15:57 PST 16:44 PST 0:46
14.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()John Wayne () 14:09 PST 14:52 PST 0:42
14.01.2022 A319Springfield ()Las Vegas () 11:53 CST 12:59 PST 3:05
14.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Springfield () 06:35 PST 10:41 CST 2:05
13.01.2022 A319Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Las Vegas () 22:27 CST 22:55 PST 2:27
13.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 16:55 PST 21:05 CST 2:09
13.01.2022 A319Grand Junction Rgnl ()Las Vegas () 15:27 MST 15:29 PST 1:02
13.01.2022 A319John Wayne ()Grand Junction Rgnl () 12:18 PST 14:35 MST 1:17
13.01.2022 A319Grand Junction Rgnl ()John Wayne () 10:55 MST 11:30 PST 1:35
13.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Grand Junction Rgnl () 06:53 PST 08:51 MST 0:57
12.01.2022 A319Mc Allen Miller Intl ()Las Vegas () 16:53 CST 17:43 PST 2:50
12.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Mc Allen Miller Intl () 11:18 PST 15:49 CST 2:30
11.01.2022 A319Stockton Metro ()Las Vegas () 16:55 PST 17:51 PST 0:55
11.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Stockton Metro () 14:51 PST 15:51 PST 0:59
11.01.2022 A319Fresno Yosemite Intl ()Las Vegas () 12:52 PST 13:38 PST 0:45
11.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Fresno Yosemite Intl () 11:00 PST 11:50 PST 0:49
10.01.2022 A319Roberts Fld ()Las Vegas () 21:01 PST 22:31 PST 1:30
10.01.2022 A319Las Vegas ()Roberts Fld () 18:08 PST 19:45 PST 1:36
10.01.2022 A319Rogue Valley Intl ()Las Vegas () 15:22 PST 16:46 PST 1:23
10.01.2022 A319John Wayne ()Rogue Valley Intl () 12:27 PST 14:02 PST 1:35
10.01.2022 A319Rogue Valley Intl ()John Wayne () 09:36 PST 11:17 PST 1:41
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