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Grumman E-2 Hawkeye (16-6508) - United States Navy Grumman E-2C Hawkeye (166508)<br />VAW 124 (Airborne Command and Control Squadron One Two Four) "Bear Aces"<br />Current Home Port: NAS Norfolk, VA<br />Assigned to the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) .... Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW 8)<br /><br />Navy Cdr Jonathan "Blamo" Faraco brings the VAW-124 "Bear Aces" CAG Hawkeye colorbird back to land on KNFL's Runway 31L after participating in a combat training sortie.
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Grumman E-2 Hawkeye (16-6508)


United States Navy Grumman E-2C Hawkeye (166508)
VAW 124 (Airborne Command and Control Squadron One Two Four) "Bear Aces"
Current Home Port: NAS Norfolk, VA
Assigned to the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) .... Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW 8)

Navy Cdr Jonathan "Blamo" Faraco brings the VAW-124 "Bear Aces" CAG Hawkeye colorbird back to land on KNFL's Runway 31L after participating in a combat training sortie.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The Bear Aces will soon be transitioning to Grumman E-2Ds.
Darryl Sarno
Great capture and detailed information Gary! All 5 my friend!
Diana Rose
Great Timing on Prop Whirrrrr!
Doug Fehmel
While they repave the runways at Chambers Field, Norfolk, we get the honor of hearing these birds fly out of Oceana Master Jet Base in Virginia Beach.
marylou anderson
Perfect capture - and details!
The NAVY and GRUMMAN aircraft go way back. Good together!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Darryl >>> Once again, my Thanks to you for your loyal viewing. Be Safe back there in my family's home turf. (Everyone in my family - except me - was born in Mass).
Doug >>> They fly over my place frequently (NAS Fallon is only 34 miles east of my place). I love hearing them go over and they come over so often my wife hears them coming and instantly IDs them as Hawkeyes. Hey, living near Oceana means you get to hear plenty of Navy a/c, right? Excellent!
Diana >>> Took me awhile to memorize the settings needed in order to get the props blurry while still getting the a/c crisp and sharp. TYVM for the comment and for viewing my pic. (Wave)
Marylou >>>> Active, Retired, Vet, Parent of, Spouse of, or Child of?? No matter which category, I love your patriotism - AND - I thank you for standing up for our country. Spouses and children of service members serve every bit as much as the military member; my wife and my sons can attest to that. And, Marylou, even if you aren't in any of the above categories, I Thank You anyways for being a citizen who stands tall and proudly for our military and our country. (Thumbs Up)
Adelma >>> And also an appreciative Thanx to you for viewing this snap and for your kind compli.
And themold >>> Indeed they do. Two years ago, I received a ph call from a lady at Northrop Grumman in Va. She was asking permission to use a couple of my E-2 pics on their annual 15-month calendar that gets distributed to every member of the US Congress (both houses). When the calendar went out, she sent me one (which I still have even tho it is now expired). Of the 15 photos in it, 13 were by official Navy photogs and two were by an amateur - me. In chatting with her, I learned exactly how far back Grumman and the Navy go back as a "team." And that partnership is continuing today. Thanks for viewing my click.
Chris DiCenso
Originally VAW stood for V= Fixed Wing AW= Airborne Early Warning as in
"Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 124 (VAW-124), originally nicknamed "Bullseye Hummers", and later the "Bear Aces", is a United States Navy Squadron based at NS Norfolk flying the Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye" Rebranding them as "Command and Control" though inaccurate as far as VAW goes does actually define the mission more accurately. I was in VAW-124 in 1977-1979 when it was the "Bullseye Hummers" as stated above. I hated that name!
Yet another superior contribution Gary! Many Thanks, always enjoy your work.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris D >>> Hey, many Thanx for that interesting historical info re: "VAW" and also the "Bear Aces" background history. Very much appreciate knowing more and also very much appreciate your Navy service. (You were in during my '68-'89 lifer stint in the USAF.)
@ Skylab ... and I greatly appreciate your loyal viewership. Pics are meant to be viewed so when someone views mine and enjoys doing so I feel honored that the person finds my shots to be worth looking at. So my very sincere Thanks to you. (Wave) If there is ever a specific pic you want in a larger version and without any W/marks or any photog name (I never put my name on my pics and my pics are NEVER "for sale"), just e/m me at OldeCarl@gmail.com
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