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Airbus A319 (N849UA)


Flashback Photo: Taken on Aug 8, 2008 (Eleven and one-half years ago).
There are some FA viewers who are not too pleased with the newest United Airlines livery; other viewers are OK with it. Here is a photo snapped just under a dozen years ago showing N849UA on Runway 16L. This was taken when UA was transitioning from this livery to the Blue Tulip livery. Then, several years later, when United bought out Continental and the two carriers merged, the Blue Tulip livery was discontinued.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
There are some FA viewers who are not too pleased with the newest United Airlines livery; other viewers are OK with it.
When I read the comments of those who are not impressed with the newest livery, I have to chuckle. It is obvious to me that those viewers have never seen this UA livery which simply must rank as the absolute worst paint scheme UA ever wore. The design on the tail was acceptable, but the color of the upper half of the fuselage (which was a shade of battleship gray) was terrible. Not only was it dull, but it also usually looked dirty and, at the point where the jetbridge was positioned around the forward cabin door, there was usually a yellowish mark, resembling a nicotine colored rectangle, on the fuselage. I agree that UA might have been able to come up with a better livery for today's scheme, but I'll gladly take today's newest UA livery over this.
Nice shot! This livery was horrendous, I remember seeing it over a decade ago here, some really looked like crap when the top was faded. And unfortunately it lives on here by the fire station with what is left of a B732 up on timbers.
a mentor
Dwight Hartje
Fantastic image particularly from over 10 years ago!
So my opinion of the new livery is based on how I feel about United's older liveries and as a graphic designer. The new livery is essentially a reskin of the 2012 United 787 livery. It basically combines the 2012 787 Livery, Blue Tulip Livery, and new color palette. Overall I like the new livery as it brings back the shades of blue elements I liked so much one the Blue Tulip Livery. It is still a unique livery while carrying on United's heritage.
I like this livery. It is very '90s business, and very unique. Historically it's possibly my favorite. If you look closely you can see one of United's Ted A320's at the gate. I also liked the Ted livery and concept. Not a big fan of the newer UA liveries.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
@ Dean J. >>> Absolutely! My photos are always free to put on an aviation photo buff's website. Please know that I very much appreciate you asking. As for attribution, certainly I would be quite happy if you do, but it is not needed if you would rather not. I give away hundreds of pics and I never insist on attribution. My photos have been used in a huge variety of publications, sites, etc., by many, many agencies and some are attributed while others are not. It is up to you. The ONLY thing I DO insist on is that no other person may be given credit as the photographer and you may not use my photos in any contests or sales, etc., that result in personal monetary gain for you. Also, if you would rather have a copy of this pic (or the one of the TED Airbus or any of my pics that are in my FA folder) but you don't want the FA w-mark on it, just email me at OldeCarl@gmail.com and I'll send the copy that doesn't have the w-mark. (Wave)
Viv Pike
WOW !!

Dean, I hope I misunderstood your message, or maybe you posted a message under the incorrect pic. I really hope so. If not ... WOW is all I can say.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dean Judge Kasai wrote ... "wait a second. did you copy all these photos from other websites? some of the photos you have are so old you would not be alive then. and if they were, you forgot to add attributions which cannot be a good thing."
Dean, I'm not certain how good you are with numbers and dates so let me try to straighten you out. I was born in 1950. Try looking it up in a history book, Dean. That was 70 years ago, Dean. Here's a news flash for you. Not all people in the world die quickly, Deano.
Now, let's get back to doing some subtraction. This is the year 2020. I am 70. The photo above was taken (as it says) in 2008. That was only eleven and a half years ago. Now, Dean, I'm not sure how YOU learned to add and subtract, but back when I went to school (from 1955/6 thru 1967/8), if a 70 year old person took a picture eleven and a half years ago, it means the person was 58 and a half years old. I don't know how old you are, but I'm thinking that I was probably taking pictures of airplanes long before you were a gleam in your daddy's eye. I've been taking pictures since 1964 (when I was 14), and over those many years since I've owned nine different cameras - all of them REAL cameras, Dean, not the crappy cellphone ones. Now here's a lesson you need to learn, little man. Before you accuse someone of stealing, be sure you have all the facts and know what you are talking about. Every single photo that appears in my folder was taken by me -- including the old B & W's that you are accusing me of stealing. In fact, not only do I have all the prints, but I also have every film negative. And now that I have kindly answered your allegation that I am a thief by enlightening you about the true facts, I'm sure you will understand when I say that you can kiss my a--. I don't have any respect for dipsticks like you who make accusations without trying to learn all the facts first. (single finger wave to you)
Gavin Hughes
I'm coming in with support for Viv and Gary. Gary - hear, hear...what an outrageous comment. As Viv said, hopefully it was a wrong posting. And to Dean, there are young kids out there right now learning with REAL cameras. Are they going to be subjected to criticism in 50 years' time?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Viv and Gavin ... Thank you to both of you. What really angers me is that he (Dean J) had posted a comment here (which he has now deleted) in which he asked me if he could use this pic on his website. You can see my reply to that request. I willingly gave permission and then when he sent me an email direct to my address, I sent him the same photo so he could use it on his website without the FlightAware w/mark. So how does he thank me for doing that? By deleting his request in these comments and then accusing me of stealing pics. Helluva great guy, eh? But here's the best part. Check out HIS posts. He posts pics that his father took. So which one of us is posting photos that were taken by someone else. It ain't me. lol
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
06.12.2020 A319Phoenix ()Washington-Dulles-Intl () 00:13 MST 05:47 EST geplant
05.12.2020 A319Washington-Dulles-Intl ()Phoenix () 11:00 EST 13:45 MST geplant
05.12.2020 A319Phoenix ()Washington-Dulles-Intl () 00:03 MST 05:58 EST In der Luft
04.12.2020 A319Washington-Dulles-Intl ()Phoenix () 12:12 EST 14:21 MST 4:08
04.12.2020 A319O’Hare Int'l ()Washington-Dulles-Intl () 09:04 CST 11:21 EST 1:16
03.12.2020 A319San Francisco ()O’Hare Int'l () 23:46 PST 05:39 CST (+1) 3:53
03.12.2020 A319San Diego ()San Francisco () 19:31 PST 20:38 PST 1:06
03.12.2020 A319San Francisco ()San Diego () 16:20 PST 17:26 PST 1:05
03.12.2020 A319Portland (Oregon) ()San Francisco () 08:09 PST 09:31 PST 1:21
02.12.2020 A319San Francisco ()Portland (Oregon) () 18:37 PST 19:56 PST 1:18
02.12.2020 A319Houston Bush Int'ctl ()San Francisco () 14:30 CST 16:11 PST 3:41
02.12.2020 A319Mexiko-Stadt ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 09:45 CST 11:26 CST 1:40
01.12.2020 A319Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Mexiko-Stadt () 14:45 CST 16:34 CST 1:49
29.11.2020 A319Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 19:42 CST 20:21 CST 0:39
29.11.2020 A319Newark ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 15:25 EST 18:08 CST 3:42
29.11.2020 A319Atlanta ()Newark () 12:27 EST 14:03 EST 1:35
29.11.2020 A319Newark ()Atlanta () 08:34 EST 10:32 EST 1:57
28.11.2020 A319Phoenix ()Newark () 15:13 MST 21:20 EST 4:06
28.11.2020 A319Newark ()Phoenix () 10:11 EST 12:56 MST 4:44
28.11.2020 A319Norfolk Intl ()Newark () 07:31 EST 08:31 EST 1:00
27.11.2020 A319Newark ()Norfolk Intl () 18:38 EST 19:34 EST 0:55
27.11.2020 A319New Orleans Intl ()Newark () 13:09 CST 16:37 EST 2:27
27.11.2020 A319Newark ()New Orleans Intl () 10:11 EST 11:58 CST 2:46
26.11.2020 A319Orlando ()Newark () 12:27 EST 14:31 EST 2:03
26.11.2020 A319Newark ()Orlando () 09:04 EST 11:21 EST 2:16
25.11.2020 A319Orlando ()Newark () 12:53 EST 14:59 EST 2:05
25.11.2020 A319Newark ()Orlando () 09:03 EST 11:25 EST 2:21
24.11.2020 A319Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Newark () 13:01 CST 16:50 EST 2:48
24.11.2020 A319Newark ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 08:36 EST 11:24 CST 3:47
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