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Airbus A320 (N633JB)


JBU's "BK Blue" (Brooklyn Blue), N633JB, is about to touch the mains to the Runway 16R concrete at the end of a Long Beach - Reno flight.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I wish the sun had been out instead of the heavy overcast but as everyone knows, you take what you get and deal with it. lol
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic shot Gary. 5*+++
C.W. Reed
Fits the back ground excellently! Another 5 star shot, Gary! Hoosier cheers!:-)

Gavin Hughes
Great shot. At least a positive of overcast is that there are no harsh shadows and in this case you didn't even have to worry about a color loss on the plane!
Darryl Sarno
Fantastic shot Gary! 5 *'s Thank you for sharing!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dave, Hundo, Gavin, and Darryl >> Howdy to all of you and much Thanx for your comments and complis. Gavin >> (Grin) You must be a photographer .... you immediately identified the advantage that overcast skies provide AND you also knew that black and white are not colors and gray is a neutral so BK Blue actually has no color on it. (Wave, a grin, and a High 5 to you, sir). Dave, Hundo, and Darryl >> Any of you lads ever find yourselves heading for my turf here in N Nevada, let me know with a bit of advance notice and I'll arrange for some fine spotting activity during your visit(s). (Two thumbs up)
Bill Vance
Great shot as always. GSR sign looks pretty close.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi again, Bill. TY for your comment. And hey, how do I get in touch with you? Let's meet. I can get to CXP easily. If you are interested in getting together for a cup of coffee, e/m me at OldeCarl@gmail.com. (Thumbs up)
Don Ridgeway
Great shot, love the backdrop, I can almost feel the chill which is pretty amazing since we are in the middle of a heatwave here in OZ
Joseph Edwards
The Best,The Blue..
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Don .... What is happening in your country is beyond horrific. Recently, a group of f/fighters had traveled there to assist in battling the fires. One returned about ten days ago, and his account of the situation was beyond our ability to truly comprehend. A disaster of this magnitude would seem to be something that would make people throw up their hands and give up, but last year I met a small group of your countrymen at the Reno Air Races and if they are representative of the Australian populace, no one will EVER qive up. They were all super folks! Prayers and Best Wishes to you and all in Oz.
Gavin Hughes
And let's not forget the three guys, who of their own free will and generosity came over here to help us and sadly lost their lives in the C130 water-bomber crash. Over here, there's too often mention of sporting heroes. They aren't heroes by any stretch, at best they are 'stars' if you like. Heroes are men and women such as those three who put themselves in harm's way to help others. May they rest in peace.
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
02.07.2020 A320San Juan ()Washington-Ronald-Reagan-National () 18:25 AST 21:49 EDT geplant
02.07.2020 A320Fort Lauderdale ()San Juan () 14:53 EDT 17:03 AST geplant
02.07.2020 A320San Juan ()Fort Lauderdale () 11:05 AST 13:19 EDT geplant
02.07.2020 A320Newark ()San Juan () 06:15 EDT 10:03 AST geplant
01.07.2020 A320Southwest Florida Intl ()Newark () 20:29 EDT 22:58 EDT 2:28
01.07.2020 A320Newark ()Southwest Florida Intl () 16:36 EDT 19:19 EDT 2:43
01.07.2020 A320Orlando ()Newark () 13:16 EDT 15:21 EDT 2:05
01.07.2020 A320Newark ()Orlando () 09:59 EDT 12:09 EDT 2:09
29.06.2020 A320Southwest Florida Intl ()Newark () 20:23 EDT 22:43 EDT 2:19
29.06.2020 A320Newark ()Southwest Florida Intl () 16:28 EDT 18:49 EDT 2:20
29.06.2020 A320Orlando ()Newark () 13:08 EDT 15:12 EDT 2:03
29.06.2020 A320Newark ()Orlando () 08:57 EDT 11:02 EDT 2:05
28.06.2020 A320Palm Beach ()Newark () 15:59 EDT 18:24 EDT 2:24
28.06.2020 A320Newark ()Palm Beach () 07:33 EDT 09:43 EDT 2:09
27.06.2020 A320Orlando ()Newark () 16:12 EDT 18:24 EDT 2:12
27.06.2020 A320Newark ()Orlando () 06:38 EDT 08:36 EDT 1:57
26.06.2020 A320Orlando ()Newark () 18:51 EDT 21:00 EDT 2:08
25.06.2020 A320San Juan ()Orlando () 17:38 AST 20:06 EDT 2:27
25.06.2020 A320Orlando ()San Juan () 14:03 EDT 16:33 AST 2:29
25.06.2020 A320Washington-Ronald-Reagan-National ()Orlando () 06:31 EDT 08:23 EDT 1:51
24.06.2020 A320Orlando ()Washington-Ronald-Reagan-National () 19:59 EDT 21:42 EDT 1:43
24.06.2020 A320Albany Intl ()Orlando () 15:55 EDT 18:28 EDT 2:33
24.06.2020 A320Orlando ()Albany Intl () 12:38 EDT 14:52 EDT 2:13
24.06.2020 A320John F. Kennedy Int'l ()Orlando () 07:33 EDT 09:42 EDT 2:08
23.06.2020 A320San Juan ()John F. Kennedy Int'l () 11:53 AST 15:18 EDT 3:24
22.06.2020 A320John F. Kennedy Int'l ()San Juan () 17:34 EDT 20:51 AST 3:16
22.06.2020 A320Las Américas ()John F. Kennedy Int'l () 09:59 AST 13:08 EDT 3:08
22.06.2020 A320John F. Kennedy Int'l ()Las Américas () 05:17 EDT 08:45 AST 3:28
21.06.2020 A320Charleston Intl/AFB ()John F. Kennedy Int'l () 18:51 EDT 20:18 EDT 1:27
21.06.2020 A320John F. Kennedy Int'l ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 15:43 EDT 17:10 EDT 1:26
21.06.2020 A320Fort Lauderdale ()John F. Kennedy Int'l () 12:03 EDT 14:23 EDT 2:19
21.06.2020 A320Boston Logan Intl ()Fort Lauderdale () 08:15 EDT 11:00 EDT 2:44
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