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Boeing 737-800 (N905NN) - Departing on its first flight of a new day after a RON stay at RNO.
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Boeing 737-800 (N905NN)


Departing on its first flight of a new day after a RON stay at RNO.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This was a 6:30 AM departure to begin the return leg of a roundtrip DFW-RNO-DFW journey that began the previous evening.
Darryl Sarno
Beautiful shot of the Astrojet Gary! Easily all 5 but worth much more and should be framed. Well done my friend.
Diana Rose
Beauty Shot! Nice Backdrop!
John Giambone
Very Nice Shot Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Darryl, Diana, & John ... Howdy to all and TY for the comments / complis. While prepping to snap this, the pilot of a Cessna Citation Lattitude walked up and stood by as the Astrojet took off. He had never seen N905NN in person and he asked if I would send him a pic (which I did). We yakked briefly about the days when AAL had this livery. I mentioned that I have always liked this scheme ... AND the later R, W, and B on bare metal scheme .... more than AA's current paint with the US Airways flag on the tail. About 30 minutes later, the pilot took off in the Cessna and I snapped it departing (will post). Thanx again for your kind comments. (Wave)
C.W. Reed
I so agree, my friend! AAL needs to return to this livery for the entire fleet! Another 10* +++++++ snap! I need to come out to RNO and learn your secrets!:-)

Excellent! Loved that livery.
Dwight Hartje
An awesome catch and shot of AAL's AstroJet Retro, Gary!
lance morgan
Thanks for the Astrojet shot. It was the best darn livery AAL ever used. Rode them many a time and great memories from a great time.
Tom Vance
fabulous click and the background hills are primo! calendar & 5x!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hundo, Adelma, Dwight, and Alien ... Yet again, I send my Thanks to each of you for your kind comments and your support.
Lance ... I could not agree with you more - you are 101% correct. This truly WAS American's best livery (although I did also like the R, W, B on bare silver livery) and back when AA wore this paint, it was a fabulous airline. I, too, was an AA pax and I never had anything less than a superb experience. Lance, I can send you a couple pics of AA birds in this scheme so if you are interested do NOT reply here - just send an e/m to OldeCarl@gmail.com
Adelma and Diana - Hi again, and TYVM again for your loyal viewership. My offer of US military a/c pics remains open to both of you - send to the same e/m addy above if you are ever interested and simply state your preference.
Dwight ... (Grin) You are indeed persistent. (Bigger Grin) OK, I'm going to make my first-ever "exemption" to my "JetPhotos" ban. TY for your compli and I'll be catching up on your posts into FA's gallery.
Hundo .... My secrets?" I have no secrets, my friend. I always share - BUT - I DO have a "qualifying standard" - those who I willingly share with MUST be serious devotees of aviation spotting who are honest with me and respectful of pilots, aircraft owners, aviation business operators, and aircraft passengers. That's a rather detailed "qualification," I know, but I insist on it for a reason ... and since there is no one (at present) in the immediate area here who meets it, there is no one here for me to share with. (* But there ARE a few in the central CA area.) So come on out for a visit, Hundo. Depending on how much advance notice you give AND how long you'll be visiting, we'll hit RNO (airside), RTS (airside), NFL (possible airside), CXP (airside), TRK (airside), MEV (airside), SMF, MHR, MCC (possible airside), SUU (possible airside), SJC, SFO (possible airside) ... for starters. (Thumbs Up)
And Hundo -- I must mention -- my calendar is really, REALLY full. I get calls VERY frequently requesting me to take pics for airport agencies, FBOs, airlines, aircraft owners, pilots, Public Relations departments, etc., etc. and once I give my promise, I do NOT back out later. So it is EXTREMELY important that you give me as much advance notice of days as possible. Summertime is EXCEPTIONALLY busy for me. For instance, I am already fully booked for EVERY SINGLE DAY from July 29 thru August 12th. And again for the first 3 weeks in September. So PLEASE, as much advance as possible. TY.
C.W. Reed
Fully understand, my friend. I will give as much advance notice as possible. Not surprised that your calendar is super full! Take care, sir!

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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
01.07.2022 B738Charlotte ()Newark () 07:29 EDT 08:53 EDT Planmäßig
30.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Charlotte () 20:59 CDT 00:14 EDT (+1) Planmäßig
30.06.2022 B738New York-LaGuardia ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 17:10 EDT 19:38 CDT Planmäßig
30.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()New York-LaGuardia () 11:41 CDT 15:50 EDT Planmäßig
30.06.2022 B738New York-LaGuardia ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 07:49 EDT 10:18 CDT Planmäßig
29.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()New York-LaGuardia () 17:54 CDT 21:40 EDT In der Luft
29.06.2022 B738Newark ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 14:11 EDT 16:08 CDT 2:57
29.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Newark () 08:53 CDT 12:45 EDT 2:51
28.06.2022 B738San Francisco ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 17:34 PDT 22:26 CDT 2:51
28.06.2022 B738O’Hare Int'l ()San Francisco () 13:27 CDT 15:28 PDT 4:01
28.06.2022 B738New York-LaGuardia ()O’Hare Int'l () 10:53 EDT 11:45 CDT 1:51
28.06.2022 B738O’Hare Int'l ()New York-LaGuardia () 06:36 CDT 09:09 EDT 1:32
27.06.2022 B738Newark ()O’Hare Int'l () 20:03 EDT 20:54 CDT 1:50
27.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Newark () 14:47 CDT 18:45 EDT 2:58
27.06.2022 B738Newark ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 10:59 EDT 13:03 CDT 3:03
27.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Newark () 07:27 EDT 08:45 EDT 1:17
26.06.2022 B738Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Charlotte () 10:09 CDT 13:27 EDT 2:17
25.06.2022 B738Cancún ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 18:50 EST 20:51 CDT 2:00
25.06.2022 B738Miami ()Cancún () 17:11 EDT 17:44 EST 1:32
25.06.2022 B738Robert L. Bradshaw Int'l ()Miami () 12:46 AST 15:28 EDT 2:41
25.06.2022 B738Miami ()Robert L. Bradshaw Int'l () 08:38 EDT 11:13 AST 2:34
24.06.2022 B738Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Miami () 19:04 CDT 22:07 EDT 2:02
24.06.2022 B738Miami ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 16:36 EDT 17:46 CDT 2:09
24.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Miami () 11:33 CDT 14:59 EDT 2:25
24.06.2022 B738Cincinnati ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 09:12 EDT 10:01 CDT 1:48
23.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Cincinnati () 22:24 CDT 01:08 EDT (+1) 1:43
23.06.2022 B738Tulsa ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 20:05 CDT 20:46 CDT 0:40
23.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Tulsa () 18:24 CDT 19:07 CDT 0:42
23.06.2022 B738San Salvador ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 12:22 CST 16:27 CDT 3:05
23.06.2022 B738Miami ()San Salvador () 10:55 EDT 11:07 CST 2:11
23.06.2022 B738Nashville ()Miami () 05:53 CDT 08:51 EDT 1:57
22.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Nashville () 21:09 EDT 20:58 CDT 0:48
22.06.2022 B738Gerald R Ford Intl ()Charlotte () 17:07 EDT 18:38 EDT 1:30
22.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Gerald R Ford Intl () 13:48 EDT 15:10 EDT 1:21
22.06.2022 B738O’Hare Int'l ()Charlotte () 09:30 CDT 11:56 EDT 1:26
22.06.2022 B738New York-LaGuardia ()O’Hare Int'l () 06:14 EDT 07:02 CDT 1:47
21.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()New York-LaGuardia () 18:56 CDT 22:59 EDT 3:02
21.06.2022 B738Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 13:31 EDT 15:11 CDT 2:39
21.06.2022 B738Miami ()Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) () 11:33 EDT 12:03 EDT 0:29
21.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Miami () 08:39 EDT 10:06 EDT 1:26
21.06.2022 B738Gerald R Ford Intl ()Charlotte () 06:09 EDT 07:28 EDT 1:18
20.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Gerald R Ford Intl () 19:25 EDT 20:47 EDT 1:21
20.06.2022 B738Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) ()Charlotte () 15:49 EDT 17:39 EDT 1:49
20.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) () 11:32 EDT 13:19 EDT 1:47
20.06.2022 B738Nashville ()Charlotte () 06:25 CDT 08:20 EDT 0:54
19.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Nashville () 21:03 CDT 22:33 CDT 1:29
19.06.2022 B738Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 19:02 CDT 19:44 CDT 0:41
19.06.2022 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 17:01 CDT 17:41 CDT 0:40
19.06.2022 B738Fort Lauderdale ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 14:00 EDT 15:27 CDT 2:26
19.06.2022 B738Fort Lauderdale ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 07:10 EDT 09:00 CDT ausgefallen
18.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Fort Lauderdale () 23:45 EDT 01:14 EDT (+1) 1:28
18.06.2022 B738Fort Lauderdale ()Charlotte () 18:17 EDT 19:52 EDT 1:34
18.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Fort Lauderdale () 15:21 EDT 16:59 EDT 1:37
18.06.2022 B738Hartford ()Charlotte () 10:57 EDT 12:27 EDT 1:29
18.06.2022 B738Charlotte ()Hartford () 08:30 EDT 09:53 EDT 1:22
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