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Mitsubishi MU-2 (N425EW)
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Mitsubishi MU-2 (N425EW)



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Ron Hallman
Wonderful photo... Kinda rare to see a MU-2 anymore....
Trey PearsonPhoto Uploader
Thanks! And yes! very rare for australia
I'm having flashbacks to the noise they make, not a good sound.
pat prendergast
I once flew in one in the early eighties from Louisville to Champagne, we landed at the wrong airfield (The University flying Club ) in Snow, the receptionist said she had never seen an aircraft of that size in there before, but it was no problem to get out as it could land in a small garden, the pilot was 21.
Brian Crane
Nice photo. We have one based at my home airport, KHNB. Beautiful plane. http://flightaware.com/photos/view/54628-8fdeaca6c7e548a7624b81302886f2edbe29c728
Wayne Arnold
Are they not a good plane -or there just isn't a lot of them around anymore? It Look's like a well designed Aircraft to me -twin turbines and all -actually looks like a lot more plane for the money then a king air -I know that will start a bunch of bickering -I understand they are not really in the same category -I'm just saying I have been in the beach king -and there is no dought it is KING- only good goly what a price tag -anyone that has flown one or both, please elaborate -just out of curiosity -thanks -you can even shot a E-MAIL to loxahcefig@gmail.com thank you all -who enjoy flying, riding, and talking about Aircraft -if your like me -it's in your blood and you even like working on them -to a certain extent, not so much if it's a major malfunction -I have a tiny 150 and it's hard to to keep it in the sky -but that is a whole other story -THANK'S AGAIN
Jerry Cutrona
Great shot of an awesome aircraft. MU-2s are fast (300 kt+ in some Solitaire 6-7 pass models), Garrett TPE powered turboprops with great load carrying and short field capabilities.

Similar Garrett engines power Preditor drones.
jim garrity
I remember, fuel "Balance" is very important!(can tip over if too heavy on one side on ground)!!
Karter Hickling
One very often flies in to my home airport in Canada. Pretty loud place to taxi behind especially if your in a 152 or something! Always look forward to seeing it. Pretty interesting to see one on a dirt strip, does anyone know what kind of airport this is?
mike prendergast
Hey Trey,MU2's Were Known As "WIDOWMAKERS"- Tricky To Fly! Unlike Most Easy To Use Japanese 'gadgets' These days.
Ed Holcombe
Any aircraft that will get you over 10 feet off the ground is a widow maker. Training is the modifier.
Ed Holcombe
Very nice paint scheme. I've seen it once before on another MU2. (N196MA)
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