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North American TB-25 Mitchell (N3476G)


Collings Foundation "Wings of Freedom Tour," 9 Apr 16, at Marana Regional Airport, AZ. B-25J-15-KC, Tondelayo, NL3476G


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Mark See
Another great shot of one of the Collings a/c Greg. It looks like you found yourself a great spot to photograph these birds at the airport.
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Thanks, Mark! It does help to have a really long lens, though! I only had to crop off a little bit of the sky. Another note is that while it is a little hard to see, the pilot is looking down at us looking up at him.
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Roy, if you're confusing my pics with Gary's, then I'll take that as a compliment! Thanks! ;-)
Roy Hunte
Sorry greg didnt look at the name properly
Roy Hunte
Still great shot tho!
Roy Hunte
Its worth 55 stars lol
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
No sweat, Roy! Like I said, I'll consider it a compliment. Thanks again!
Mark See
Greg- I did notice that here, also with Gary's shot of "Betty Jane" and not in the photo I uploaded of "Betty Jane" about a month ago, but the three or four in the series before that. I guess the Collinngs pilots either like their picture taken or are really good at "keeping their head on a swivel"
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
I'm guessing both! ;-)
Dave Sheehy
Greg-Love these angle shots! Nice catch! 5*
Alan Brown
Great angle on the photo. Makes it more of an action photo.
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Thanks, Alan and Dave! I suppose I could have 'corrected' it afterward, but this is how I shot it as it flew almost directly over us. I liked the angle too, so I left it alone.
Jason Belanger
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Thanks, Jason!
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Over 8,000 views! Thanks, everyone!
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Over 10,000 views! Thanks to all!
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Here is more information from Joe Baugher's website:

44-28932, North American B-25J-15/17-NC Mitchell, (MSN 108-33257) Taken on strength on Aug 3, 1944, it was assigned the next day to the 2144th Base Unit at Moody Field, GA for use as an advanced multi-engined trainer and redesignated TB-25J. On Mar 22, 1945 the plane was transferred to the 2116th BU at Napier Field, AL, for use as a proficiency aircraft and for administrative duties. This lasted until Jan 22, 1946 when it was transferred to the 3502nd BU, Technical Training Command, Chanute Field, IL. On Apr 18, 1948 the plane was assigned to the 2621st BU at Barksdale AFB, AL for pilot training. It was transferred to the 502nd Air University Wing, Maxwell AFB, AL, on May 29, 1948 until July 30th when it was transferred back to the 2621st BU. On Mar 9, 1949 the plane was transferred to the 3500th Pilot Training Wing at Reese AFB, TX. It was transferred to the 3530th Training Wings, Bryan Field, AL, on Nov 13, 1951, then sent to Brookely Field, AL, for maintenance on Feb 11, 1952. When the plane returned to duty on May 21st it was assigned to the 3540th Training Wing at Pinecastle AFB, FL. On Jan 4, 1953 it was transferred to the 4240th Fighter Training Wing until May 27, 1954 when it transferred to the 321st Air Base Group, both at Pinecastle. On Jul 18, 1954 the plane was assigned to the 813th Air Base Group at Pinecastle. Then from Dec 20, 1954 to Apr 29, 1955 the plane was bailed to the Hayes Aircraft Corporation at Birmingham, AL for conversion to TB-25N, returning to the 813th on April 30th. The plane’s last assignment was the 823rd Air Base Group at Homestead AFB, FL, on Aug 15, 1958. In December 1958 the plane was flown to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, and put in open storage; it was finally stricken from strength on Jan 1, 1959. Acquired by Earl "Red" Dodge of Anchorage, AK, June 12, 1959-1964 and registered as N3476G. Converted to fire tanker, fitted with 1000 gallon tank, May, 1962. Next owned by Robert P. Schlaefli, Port Orchard, WA, 1966-1984. Purchased by the Collings Foundation on November 6, 1985. Painted as "Hoosier Honey" 42-8932. Crashed at Minute Man Field, Stowe, MA Jun 10, 1987. Rebuilt. Repainted as 41-30669 "Tondelayo" in 2002. Was under restoration by Collings Foundation, MA as N3476G. Now listed for sale by Courtesy Aircraft. Flying since Nov 2005 in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Two things of note regarding JB's info are that I believe this aircraft is still owned by the Collings Foundation, and that it is still being flown and bears the markings of "Tondelayo" (SN: 41-30669). More information regarding it was previously found by Gary Schenauer who posted a link to that info on FA with one of his shots of this bird. Here is that link:


Tondelayo had a pretty interesting history. And here is the link to Gary's shot of Tondelayo:

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