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Fantastic shot and a great addition. Thanks for sharing, Dan.
Mark Thomas
Fantastic blast from the past Dan! Is that another smokey start-up behind the terminal building there?
Ken Davis
Wow! Brings back great memories flying in to Williamsport and Harrisburg PA back then when I was a kid. Flew thru PIT and flew many times on Allegheny Convairs. Thanks for sharing Dan.
Larry Toler
That's before I was born. First time I went to PIT was on USAir on my way to BMTS at Lackland AFB. Years later, we staged out of the new terminal as US Airways Express. LMAO, I'm thinking of the night I was head of terminating freight on night shift at Ramstein and my NCOIC wanted me to work at the MAC terminal. Ain't no way I'm dealing with pax, cargo don't bitch. Years later I became a flight attendant as a joke. Best jobU I ever had. Even better, picked up my old NCOIC from STL on her way back to EDAR via IAD.
Roy Knighton
I flew on one of those Convairs in December 1965. I had just started a Masters course at Penn State and had to return to UK because of a death in the family. I flew from Clearfield in Central Pa to Newark, NJ. The flight made two stops, Williamsport and Wilkes Barre. From Newark I flew to JFK on a NY Airways Boeing Vertol with a stop at Wall Street, then a Panam 707-320 to LHR. Allegheny was formerly All-American Airways. Does anyone remember Mohawk Airlines in NY State? This was a time when air routes in the North East were changing rapidly with local services beginning to disappear. Thanks for sharing this picture and bringing back memories.
Roy Knighton - our fellow FA contributor and member Gary Schenauer will remember Mohawk Airlines in NY State!
Rich Pelkowski
Mohawk Airlines flew routes in PA as well. On occasion would ride jump seat in their BAC-111 from ORD (and/or MDW) to ERI.
gwapo santa
nice see the old pictures
Leon Kay
Good to see some oldies that bring back some great memories..
Jan Faul
I might have been on that flight. I was a young photographer shooting for the Appalachia Regional Commission and felt like I was commuting to KPIT weekly. Before Allegheny there was Piedmont and they flew into some really scary weather both at KPIT and places like Beckley.
Nice shot - it brings back lots of memories.
Nice. I had a friend that got hired by Allegheny in late '70's. Next time I saw him he was F/O on a 580.
Please note the roomy economy seats!!!!!
bobby joe McFerrin
Central Airlines & Frontier flew Covairs from Dal, FtSmith, Fay, Hro to StL in 50's & 60's, thanks for the reminder 'pic !
That picture brings back memories. I worked out of CMH during 1971-1975, at Lane Aviation. Part of my work was to fueling Allegheny Airlines, on both BAC-111's, DC-9's and Convair 580's. More than likely, I have fueled that aircraft. It was always time consuming to fuel them. We were required to pop the cap on top of the wing on each tank. Then we would refuel single point. The reason was that a vent valve did not work properly and wing damage was incurred. Great picture.
Gary Schenauer
Roy Knighton ... Hi. Cliff emailed me to read your comment (above). If you click on the link below, you can view my Mohawk FH-227 post. Or if you have a few minutes, click on my name to view my folder and and on the first few pages you can view 1960s era pics of Lake Central, United, Mohawk, AA, Eastern, Pan Am, etc.
Gary... thanks!!! I knew this one had your "name" on it and no better person to respond than you!!!

Re: Mohawk Airlines! :-)
Roy Knighton
Greg, Thank you so much for the link to your pictures. I had forgotten Mohawk's colour scheme and also how many British and French aircraft there were in the US in the 1960s - Viscount, BAC 111, Caravelle and even Nord 262! My first flight at age 16 was on a BEA Viscount from LHR to Paris Le Bourget in 1959.
Roy Knighton
Sorry, I meant Gary! Thanks again.
george washington
Blast from the Past!
marylou anderson
an oldie but goodie--the pic--the airport--the plane.
Phil Brooks
Great shot! Per my friend Jim "JET" Thompson, that's not PIT, it's BWI, Baltimore Friendship Airport.
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