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Boeing 737-800 (N387DA)



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Isaac Vogelzang
This is also stolen. He apparently does not even know where this photo was taken.
Richard Teteris
Isaac, I've dealt with this guy for months. Let's just say he doesn't know when to stop, he's just a person to keep your eyes on.
Gary Schenauer
Richard, unbeknownst to you, there is another person here that you should keep your eyes on. You'll be surprised to learn who it is. Email me at OldeCarl@gmail.com and I'll send you some interesting screenshots.
Viv Pike
Gary - why not just name-and-shame right here? I am now also interested.
Isaac Vogelzang
Hey Gary,
At least when I stole photos (Yes its me) I wasnt so obvious
Gary Schenauer
OK, Isaac, I find it a bit admirable of you to openly admit it. But then, you leave me confused. In your comment (above), you are stating that this photo by Thomas Clarkson is stolen. But doesn't it seem a bit hypocritical of you .... because even after several months, there are STILL stolen pics in YOUR folder? If you know they aren't yours, and since you did have several removed from your folder a few months ago, why didn't you have them ALL removed? Why leave a few stolen ones in? Hey, everyone makes an error in judgment once in a while, but when they recognize the mistake they made, they usually do whatever they can to correct the situation. But you haven't completed the process. I'll make you a deal ... you get the rest of those stolen pics out of your folder; I'll delete my two comments here, and all will be swell. You clean up your own house first, and after that I'll ignore all your future comments, all your future pics, and your existence (and I'll gladly forget about any past level of FA member friendship we previously had).
Isaac Vogelzang
Its all right this website is not my entire life unlike you
There are other people other than you on this website to make"FA Friends"(?)
You do not have authority to make "deals" with me
So basically the ignorance will be mutual
Caden Bell
"what goes around, comes around"
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