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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2 (78-0693) - 'WARDOG' & 'RAVEN' flights taxiing for departure. The A-10s from the 104th FS have been here this week training with the KC-46s from the NH ANG  (8/25)
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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2 (78-0693)


'WARDOG' & 'RAVEN' flights taxiing for departure. The A-10s from the 104th FS have been here this week training with the KC-46s from the NH ANG (8/25)


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A very formidable warbird indeed.
silverio califano
That offset nose gear bothers my senses, but, I'm glad they didn't dump these remarkable fighting aircraft!
ken kemper

Great picture angle & photo.
All A-10 photos will get 5 stars from me even if they were blurry!

Nice shot and please keep 'em coming.
These are some of the most effective aircraft at what they do and were made for combat and readiness, the engines can be mounted on either side for quick turnaround if needed. I'll never understand why so many of the brass over time have wanted rid of these, I think we should keep them around as long as possible.
The offset nose gear makes room for one heck of a cannon!! Function over style!!
Douglas Miles
User3956, I think we all can figure out why some higher-ups are always looking to replace extremely dependable, efficient and effective fighting machines. Someone somewhere always has something to sell the military that's a "better" tool, NOT... I'm not sure I've ever heard someone that's been in ground combat in the last 40-years say "yeah, I think it would be a good idea if we get rid of the A-10"
bob reeves
Chris!!!! Now this is the SHOT !!!
john cook
Stick & Rudder
Mark Albrecht
This is the very last thing many Taliban fighters saw during their earthly sojourn.
Cole Neill
All for naught really.
Glen Horton
silverio califano The offset nose gear is to allow the gun to be on the centerline of the aircraft.
serge LOTH
I m sure we will see A10 for a long time..
David Plummer
First off, EXCELLENT SHOT! That cannon just stuns me by having to be designed so the firing barrel would be on the exact centerline of the aircraft. Had they not done so, the cannon's torque would cause structural damage to the aircraft. And, if it were fired on a continuous burst, it could literally stall the aircraft. Mind boggling.

As for the top brass at the Pentagon, there are a couple of issues. First, there is always someone wanting to sell a "new" thing. But the bigger problem is that the Pentagon treats every weapon system procurement as some kind of Christmas tree of wishes. Instead of focusing on a narrow set of needs, they always want more bells and whistles. Just look at the boondoggle called the "Joint Strike Fighter". It was sold as some kind of one-size-fits-all Swiss Army knife that would replace something like 8 other aircraft. But, the reality is that there are major differences between the A, B, and C models. In effect, despite the sales pitch of a single platform, we really developed 3 different aircraft. But to make things worse, there was a total disregard of actual battlefield need. The A-10 was one of the platforms the Brass wanted to replace. But, they lost focus. The bang for the buck with the A-10 is its extended slow speed loitering ability combined with awesome firepower, not to mention being a virtual flying tank. The JSF cannot fly as slowly and it doesn't have the amount of firepower, particularly the lack of that cannon. As is usual, the Brass ends up with weapons systems that are jacks of all trade but masters of none.
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