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Happy 13th Birthday FlightAware

FlightAware is 13 today! Congratulations and may it have many many more! (flightaware.com) Mehr...

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British Airways Will Become A Spanish Airline If Brexit Deal Is Not Approved

IAG is reportedly in talks with the Spanish Government to create a contingency plan in the case of a no deal Brexit. This week a 585-page document detailing the proposed course of the split from Europe, however, IAG is planning for a no deal Brexit. As such, the airline parent company which owns Spanish flag carrier Iberia is intending to prove it qualifies as a Spanish Company. While the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of IAG is Britain, there is a case to argue that the group… (simpleflying.com) Mehr...

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UPS B763 over Atlantic on Nov 18th 2018, engine shut down in flight

A UPS United Parcel Service Boeing 767-300, registration N344UP performing flight 5X-209 (dep Nov 17th) from Philadelphia,PA (USA) to Cologne (Germany) with 3 crew, was enroute at FL330 over the Atlantic Ocean about 190nm west of Shannon (Ireland) when the crew declared emergency reporting they had needed to shut the right hand engine (CF6) down due to low oil pressure. In response to the emergency declaration ATC queried "do you wish to continue lower", the crew replied in the… (avherald.com) Mehr...

  • 22

Lion Air crash: Indonesia to inspect all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN)Indonesia has ordered an inspection of all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes belonging to national commercial airlines, a day after Lion Air flight 610 crashed into the sea minutes after takeoff from the capital Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board. (www.cnn.com) Mehr...

  • 11

VIDEO: ACJ320neo carries out maiden flight

Airbus has flown the first ACJ320neo, the corporate version of its re-engined twinjet, for the first time. (www.flightglobal.com) Mehr...

  • 16

First Airbus A220 for Air Tanzania + Airbus Investing in Mirabel - See The Giraffe!

With pictures and A220 production update. Airbus is investing at their A220 Mirabel factory. Interesting (www.fliegerfaust.com) Mehr...

  • 9

PICTURE: A220 flies formation for Latvian centenary

Latvian carrier Air Baltic has flown a specially-painted Airbus A220-300 in formation with fighters to commemorate the centenary of the Baltic country’s establishment. (www.flightglobal.com) Mehr...

  • 37

Airlines impose cannabis ban on pilots and cabin crew

Air Canada, WestJet and Jazz are among the carriers that have imposed a blanket ban on cannabis use for many employees directly involved in flight operations as Transport Canada warns that cannabis is a “potential threat” to aviation safety. (www.thestar.com) Mehr...

  • 6

Pilot makes emergency landing on MOTORWAY in unbelievable footage

The pilot was forced into an emergency landing when their plane went wrong and the safest place to land was a busy motorway.And footage has now emerged of the unbelievable incident.In the clip, a woman – identified as Keri Decker – is driving with her family when they see the small craft ahead of them.As the camera zooms in, the white plane heads into the fast lane to put the wheels down. (flip.it) Mehr...

  • 106

First Delta A350 XWB maiden flight from Toulouse

The first Airbus A350XWB destined for Delta Air Lines completed its first flight this morning in Toulouse, France. The aircraft (MSN 115), registered under French test registration F-WZGP, will soon be the flagship of the Delta fleet under the registration N501DN. The aircraft took off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport this morning at 10:24 local, and almost immediately climbed towards the Bay of Biscay where it completed several hours of tests at a variety of altitudes. (www.airlive.net) Mehr...

  • 27

Investigators obtain ATC audio recordings of crashed Lion B737

Investigators from Indonesia's National Transport Safety Committee (NTSC) have obtained audio recordings of a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed on 29 October from air navigation service provider AirNav Indonesia. (www.flightglobal.com) Mehr...

  • 6

L'action de Bombardier rebondit.

L'action de la multinationale montréalaise Bombardier reprend un peu de ses lourdes pertes lundi matin, en Bourse. Au moment de publier, l'action de Bombardier progressait de plus de 15 %. Elle avait perdu 21 % dans la seule journée de vendredi dernier. Malgré ce rebond, son repli atteint encore près de 50 % depuis un mois. L'annonce, il y environ 10 jours, de résultats trimestriels inférieurs aux attentes, notamment en ce qui concerne l'utilisation des liquidités de… (www.lapresse.ca) Mehr...

  • 76

Update: New MH-370 debris identified

On Mar 21st 2016, about 13:30L, local resident Neels Kruger in South Africa found a piece of debris (photos see below), near Klein Brak River/Mossel Bay, about 20nm west of George and about 180nm east of Cape Town (South Africa), almost as far south as Africa's most southern point Cape Agulhas (avherald.com) Mehr...

  • 5

Scottsdale Airport Opens New Business Center and Hangars

As of November 03, 2018, Scottsdale Airport (KSDL/SDF) has opened a new business center and hangars. The hangars are leased and operated by Gemini Air Group Inc. The new Business center features a viewing deck for those who want to go out and spot, a Restaurant, Volanti which is set to open today (November 19, 2018), A presentation hall, Meeting rooms, U.S. Customs, and more. This airport is worth a visit for you executive jet enthusiasts or even GA enthusiasts. (www.scottsdaleaz.gov) Mehr...

  • 250

BOE236 787 drawing a Boeing logo on FlightAware

Check out a Boeing 787 scripting 787 with a logo across the country for the next several hours on a test flight (flightaware.com) Mehr...

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Boeing 737 Plane Hits Wall During Takeoff, Pilots flew damaged plane for 4 hours before landing

An Air India Express Boeing jet suffered major damage to its underbelly after hitting an airport boundary wall during takeoff in Trichy, Tamil Nadu The flight in question was Air India IX 611, an early morning service between Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) in Tamil Nadu, and Dubai. Air India Flight IX 611 took off from the Trichy airport at around 1.30 am this morning. Seconds after the plane took off — and before it cleared the airport perimeter — it struck a wall at the end of the runway. (www.airtravelvlog.com) Mehr...


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