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Boeing Ponders Restart of 767-300ER Passenger Line

Boeing is nearing a decision whether to restart the 767-300ER passenger line, LNC has learned. ( Mehr...

OPINION: Is Airbus The Winner in Bombardier CSeries Trade Dispute?

Whatever Bombardier’s goal was for launching the CSeries programme nearly a decade ago, it certainly was not to shepherd both the CS100 and CS300 into service before handing them over as relatively mature products, free, to Airbus. ( Mehr...

Winners And Losers As Airbus Bails Out Bombardier's C-Series

Richard Aboulafia: Let’s keep this simple: the winners and the losers in the new Airbus C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership deal. ( Mehr...

Airbus Completes First Flight of Its A330-900

LONDON – Airbus SE (AIR.FR) on Thursday said that its newest widebody airliner, the A330-900, had completed its first flight, totaling more than four hours. The aircraft took off from Airbus’s Toulouse facility in France around 9:56 a.m. and landed around 2:10 p.m. after completing a number of tests. The flight kicks off a test period that Airbus expects to complete mid next year, before the first customer plane is delivered soon after. ( Mehr...

China Southern to Take 38 Boeing Jets Including 777s

China Southern Airlines has agreed to order eight Boeing 777-300ERs as well as 30 737 Max 8 jets. ( Mehr...

VIDEO: Mid-2018 Deliveries Targeted As Airbus A330neo Flies Its Maiden Flight

Airbus on 19 October kicked off the A330neo's three-aircraft 1,400h flight-test programme which should lead to certification and first deliveries of the initial -900 variant in the middle of 2018. ( Mehr...

Hawaiian Seeking Airbus A330-800neo Alternatives: CEO

Hawaiian Airlines confirms it is considering acquiring other aircraft types instead of the six Airbus A330-800neos it currently has on order. ( Mehr...

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Investigators Seek Details Over Missile-Launcher Photo

Investigators pursuing a criminal case over the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine are seeking information about a new image of a mobile missile launcher. ( Mehr...

Complex Three-Engine Ferry For A380

Air France plans to ferry a damaged A380 back to France from Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador on three engines but before it can do that it has to install a new engine that won't be running. The wrecked engine will be removed and sent to Wales for inspection by the manufacturer Engine Alliance. For balance and aerodynamic stability a new engine will be installed but because of the other damage it can’t be hooked up and made operable. ( Mehr...


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