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Airbus A320 (N475UA)


Captured here exactly six hours ago, this snap shows UA's N475UA, the retro painted A320, as it accelerates down runway 16R during its 6:00 AM departure enroute to KDEN.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Had to roll out of the sack at 3:45 AM in order to get to RNO in time to get on the ramp for some close up snaps, but it was very much worth the loss of a couple hours of sleep because this one always looks awesome. After getting my ramp clicks, I scooted over to the east side of the airport in time to get on a rooftop to catch it taking off just before the sun popped up over the mountains behind me. The time of departure was perfect; half an hour earlier and it would have been too dark; an hour later and the heat waves would have started to badly degrade this snap.
Mark See
Great shot Gary! One of the coolest special paints in my opinion. Good timing being in between the two UPSs also.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Thanx VM, Mark. I had planned on posting one of my closeup ramp shots (taken way before first light ... even before the ground prep began), but this entire series of departure clicks came out so well ... and then, when I captured it between the UP freighters ... AND ... I also caught the beacons a-blinkin', I decided this was the pic to post. :)
Roy Hunte
Fantastic capture Gary!
Mark Thomas
Absolutely stunning shot Gary! What's the 'N' in the hills made of?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Tks, Roy.
Mark T >> White rocks. It stands for the University of Nevada - Reno (UNR). It has actually been there on Peavine Mountain for around 100 years. It gets "refreshed" every year by UNR students.
There are five such letters in the Reno area: the "N" seen here; an "S" for Sparks (see my photo of C-FYJG; it is in the background); also an "R" (see my photo of 89-1186, a C130; it is in the background of the shot); also a "D" for Damonte Ranch, and a "G" for Galena (visible in the background of my picture of helicopter N109LN).
I notice United Airlines has this one marked "A320 Friend Ship"... Somewhat non sequitur is that Fokker called its F27 aircraft the "Friendship". However United has always been about "Fly the Friendly Skies" so their "Friend Ship" aircraft are fittingly named. Just a comment, folks!
Dave Sheehy
Great picture Gary! Outstanding!
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding catch and capture, Gary! This aircraft keeps coming in and out of service with United. Not sure why.
Is it just me or does anyone else think maybe the UA employees would get a nice boost if they went total retro on all their fleet to this scheme? This looks fabulous and based on the cookie cutter if not dreadful logos around today (re: American Airlines!) this look would truly stand out, and recall a time when flying was really an event. Do it.
Bill Vance
Love all your shots Gary. As an area resident (Carson City), former pilot and aviation enthusiast in general, I especially enjoy all your RNO snaps. Please keep them coming.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff, Dave, and Dwight .. Hi, guys, and Thanx for the comments.
N9341C .. I'd like to see this livery revived, but we both know it is only wishful thinking on our parts. There are baggage carts full of reasons, but no need to list any but one of those reasons ... the cost of reclothing the fleet ... to know why there will never be more than one dressed in this garb. I do wonder; however, why UA does not put this scheme on a US manufacturer's bird (such as a 737 or etc.)? Of the several a/c companies that UA did business with in its earlier history, the UA-Boeing link (for example) has a far longer "traceable history" than any connection with Airbus or its predecessors. ???
Hello, Bill. Your comment is very much appreciated. :-) Just curious; are you any relation to either Tom (Redding, CA) or Dan (Windsor, CA)? Thanks for commenting. It just happens that I'm at CXP tomorrow for an arrival, and after the arrival I'm immediately headed for RNO for a second capture. If you are interested (either tomorrow or at some future time) in a face-to-face, email me at OldeCarl@gmail.com and we can arrange a meet. Or if you'd just like to receive an occasional photo, I sometimes send pretty good snaps to a few email buddies and I can include you on the list. Again, a pleasure to hear from you and TYVM for the compli. (Wave)
sam kuminecz
Gary I just got home from OSH. I got a few in the next day or 2 you'll love.
C.W. Reed
Looks like this one is headed back to RNO tonight from DEN, ETA 2020L 3-2-2019! Cheers!!
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
29.01.2020 A319Denver ()Pittsburgh Intl () 11:00 MST 15:35 EST geplant
29.01.2020 A319Portland (Oregon) ()Denver () 06:40 PST 09:48 MST geplant
28.01.2020 A320Denver ()Portland (Oregon) () 19:17 MST 20:38 PST geplant
28.01.2020 A320Raleigh/Durham ()Denver () 16:20 EST 18:02 MST geplant
28.01.2020 A320Newark ()Raleigh/Durham () 13:39 EST 15:00 EST geplant
28.01.2020 A320Salt Lake City ()Newark () 06:10 MST 12:14 EST geplant
27.01.2020 A320Newark ()Salt Lake City () 21:12 EST 23:25 MST 4:13
27.01.2020 A320Miami ()Newark () 17:01 EST 19:29 EST 2:28
27.01.2020 A320Newark ()Miami () 13:18 EST 15:47 EST 2:28
27.01.2020 A320Salt Lake City ()Newark () 06:27 MST 12:13 EST 3:45
26.01.2020 A320Newark ()Salt Lake City () 20:40 EST 22:56 MST 4:15
26.01.2020 A320Miami ()Newark () 16:22 EST 19:11 EST 2:48
26.01.2020 A320Newark ()Miami () 12:28 EST 15:07 EST 2:38
26.01.2020 A320Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Newark () 07:06 CST 11:00 EST 2:53
25.01.2020 A320Newark ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 19:59 EST 22:36 CST 3:36
25.01.2020 A320Yampa Valley ()Newark () 12:27 MST 17:54 EST 3:27
25.01.2020 A320Newark ()Yampa Valley () 08:36 EST 10:30 MST 3:53
24.01.2020 A320Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Newark () 18:59 CST 22:36 EST 2:36
24.01.2020 A320Lic. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Int'l ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 14:09 CST 16:04 CST 1:54
24.01.2020 A320Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Lic. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Int'l () 10:37 CST 12:39 CST 2:02
24.01.2020 A320Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 07:29 CST 07:57 CST 0:27
23.01.2020 A320Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 21:01 CST 21:28 CST 0:27
23.01.2020 A320Washington-Dulles-Intl ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 17:33 EST 19:30 CST (?) 2:56
23.01.2020 A320Fort Lauderdale ()Washington-Dulles-Intl () 14:01 EST 15:56 EST 1:54
23.01.2020 A320Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Fort Lauderdale () 09:52 CST 12:47 EST 1:54
23.01.2020 A320Baltimore ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 06:05 EST 08:10 CST 3:05
22.01.2020 A320Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Baltimore () 20:23 CST 23:42 EST 2:18
22.01.2020 A320Washington-Ronald-Reagan-National ()Houston Bush Int'ctl () 16:31 EST 18:46 CST 3:14
22.01.2020 A320O’Hare Int'l ()Washington-Ronald-Reagan-National () 12:51 CST 15:15 EST 1:23
22.01.2020 A320Washington-Dulles-Intl ()O’Hare Int'l () 10:35 EST 11:02 CST 1:26
22.01.2020 A320O’Hare Int'l ()Washington-Dulles-Intl () 06:23 CST 08:44 EST 1:20
21.01.2020 A320Philadelphia ()O’Hare Int'l () 18:50 EST 19:29 CST 1:38
21.01.2020 A320O’Hare Int'l ()Philadelphia () 15:08 CST 17:42 EST 1:33
21.01.2020 A320Southwest Florida Intl ()O’Hare Int'l () 12:04 EST 13:45 CST 2:40
21.01.2020 A320Washington-Dulles-Intl ()Southwest Florida Intl () 08:32 EST 10:38 EST 2:06
20.01.2020 A320San Francisco ()Washington-Dulles-Intl () 12:38 PST 20:21 EST 4:42
20.01.2020 A320O’Hare Int'l ()San Francisco () 08:53 CST 11:03 PST 4:09
19.01.2020 A320Dallas/Fort Worth ()O’Hare Int'l () 17:53 CST 19:40 CST 1:46
19.01.2020 A320O’Hare Int'l ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 13:17 CST 15:19 CST 2:01
19.01.2020 A320Tampa ()O’Hare Int'l () 09:42 EST 11:04 CST 2:21
18.01.2020 A320O’Hare Int'l ()Tampa () 18:44 CST 21:59 EST 2:14
18.01.2020 A320Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()O’Hare Int'l () 15:46 CST 16:45 CST 0:59
18.01.2020 A320Denver ()Minneapolis/St Paul Intl () 11:31 MST 14:00 CST 1:29
18.01.2020 A320Mahlon Sweet Field ()Denver () 06:42 PST 09:39 MST 1:56
17.01.2020 A320Denver ()Mahlon Sweet Field () 19:52 MST 21:25 PST 2:32
17.01.2020 A320Gerald R Ford Intl ()Denver () 18:12 EST 18:46 MST 2:33
17.01.2020 A320Denver ()Gerald R Ford Intl () 12:16 MST 16:09 EST 1:53
17.01.2020 A320Mahlon Sweet Field ()Denver () 06:35 PST 09:35 MST 2:00
16.01.2020 A320Denver ()Mahlon Sweet Field () 19:32 MST 20:51 PST 2:18
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