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United Airlines Boeing 787 u-turns three times in two days

A United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was involved in three separate incidents over the span of two days, as it attempted to depart from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport (NRT). ( More...

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Greg S 8
I wonder if the same maintenance team worked the slat issue all three times? Three strikes and you're out, next team up please.
william baker 1
It wasnt because it was Rome and Narita
nikka93 3
Another issue happened to 787 of united airlines from FCO to NY
Graeme Smith 3
Strike 4 - for the same airframe:
airuphere 2
It’s a lemon. Ha. I only thought VW had those ...
ok..yikes...after 3 mechanical issues on the same aircraft within such a short period of time,you would think it would be taken out of service for a serious check and overhaul..
airuphere 2
You would! But it’s been reported as the same issue each time. As seen that they can land safely each time, it is a list item that won’t ground the a/c.
SkyAware123 2
Sounds like narita needs new mechanics
Love the statement "no injuries reported".............
william baker 2
Lol right. Last I knew these were all cargo flights.
Albert Tseng 3
LOL, what bad luck
jptq63 2
Well, as of about 10pm (EDT - July 4, 2020) Flight United 2787 (per article) shows 'Expected to depart in 3 hours 54 minutes" in Flight Aware; hope it makes it home this time....
jptq63 2
UA2787 NRT - SFO made it back, but the UA2787 FRA - NWR did get cancelled; Dang, what a run of luck.... Yep, not likely the same plane, I know, but interesting to see -- UA2787 flight number -- tied to so many different flights / routes / planes; wonder if this is a United flight number for re-positioning aircraft? Can anyone confirm and re-check what I've seen on Flight Aware?

Past flights
Date: 05-Jul-2020 --- Cancelled
Departure: 02:25PM CEST Frankfurt Int'l - FRA
Arrival: 05:00PM EDT Newark Liberty Intl - EWR
Mike Ziemann 4
Well that FLIGHT you referred to out of Frankfurt was a different aircraft. But, the problem aircraft in question, after finally making it from NRT to SFO to ORD to FCO (Rome) had to air abort and return back to Rome almost immediately after takeoff on the 7th. As of early afternoon on July 10th, it made it across the pond and is about an hour out from landing at Newark.
william baker 5
It did land safely and I see United is keeping it in the states for a while. They have it going between Newark and Denver and Ohare for the next few days.
jptq63 2
Thank you to both (M.Z. & W.B.) and do understand the flight
# UA2787 vs. air frame (physical plane) difference. Wondering about UAL flight # here not the physical air frame now, i.e. if UA is using this tag # for moving planes, or, recall reading in article (might be different article) that UAL was using this plane to move cargo vs. people. I.e. wondering now if the flight number tag is tied to UAL cargo flights using what would typically be a passenger configured aircraft. My thought here are do to the various typed of aircraft listed going from different places.... Sort of trying to figure out how much UAL (and other airline) are using the passenger configured aircraft to just move cargo now vs. moving planes to get prep for storage somewhere. Thanks if you know.
william baker 2
If your looking for the Tail number is N27958
paul gilpin 1
where's my cheap stuff from china?????????
william baker 1
The Rumor is that this plane has been having electrical issues and maintence cant find the actually cause but also have noticed the problem coming and going without reason.
airuphere 2
This will be hard to track down. Seeing as the issue has been reported as the “left slat”, and they are no longer hydraulic; the actuator powered electrically.

Boeing’s website saying: “The electric system improves efficiency by extracting only the power actually needed during each phase of flight.“

When the slats are in motion, I would assume the actuator is drawing more current then has been allocated by the system leaving it stuck.

I agree with Chris, the problem sounds deep inside the electrical system or even coding glitch, going to be a tricky find.
At least with hydraulics, you can find the problem. Look for the leaks. A loose ground, a flaky winding, a loose connection, a chaffed wire, moisture permeating a connection box.

Hydraulics is a bitch, but electronics are a new monster. So many more failure modes. I don't know which I'd feel more comfortable with. Properly designed, they are equal...
Chris B 1
Electrical problems can be the worst to track down. Bottom line, this is as good a time as any to take it out of service and make a deep dive (sorry Boeing Max fans) into the aircraft and find the issue(s).

At best it's aircraft specific, at worst it triggers an FAA fleet wide inspection and repair order.
william baker 1
Right. Heck the same plane is 2 hours late today to Denver due to a Generator issue.
I remember reading about a plane that had to turn around twice on flights to Hawaii. They never made it past a half hour before turning around. A few months later, I was flying to Hawaii, and started smiling after we passed that time span. I know it was silly, but still, we were on our way... It was a great trip!
Mac Harding 1
The airline and Boeing both better hope that god forbid nothing happens in the near future with this plane..... They just dont care and since they consider the people they haul as expendable next to money. Boeing is accountable to every future passenger who gets on that plane unknowingly in the future because they KNOW there is a problem.
Robert Ye -6
It’s not bad luck, it’s Just not built to the same standards as before. Ever since McDonald Douglas Took the reigns it’s been all about profits and not safety.
Funny you also said that Robert, I have a few friends who are retired Boeing engineers and the also say exactly the same; I mean, it's not really surprising, the same corporate philosophy/mentality/good-ole-boy-culture that brought you the DeathCruiser-10 took over the Boeing reins...
Was it made in the South Carolina facility? Is it a parts or assembly issue?

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chalet 7
The 350 is a good plane but the teething problems on he first 8 months or so after introduction were a nightmare like in one case a Qatar Airways aircraft had a tendency of not being able to shut down the passenger cabin lights after take off. Can you endure a 12-hr flight in the middle of the night with the glare, and many other issues.
Jaime Terrassa -2
three strikes and you are out thank god no body go injured it's sad that greed takes over before safety.


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