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Could Taking Pictures of Planes Get You Detained by TSA?

As if taking pictures of police officers (blog coming soon) and government buildings wasn’t bad enough, now if you’re caught taking pictures of airplanes you could be brought in for questioning. ( Mehr...

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Vinicius Lima 0
that is awesome , so lovely what a world we r living in
Gene Delaney 0
OMG I was just taking pictures at an Air Force Base at an Air Show. I'm probably going to get life at hard labor. The more you beef up the security the more they will miss.
Pecolaguy 0
I have decided to try and put together a group of aviation photographers, called SEAP(South East Aviation Photographers) on FLickr, for the South East region of the U.S ( FL, AL, GA, MS, TN, TX, and Louisiana. I hope to educate our gov. as to what we do, and show them we love aviation, and are instrumental in trying to make sure that acts like ones they name, aren't what we do.
Jesus Christ, this is getting blown WAY out of proportion. This photo is taken from a video commercial created by the TSA to promote vigilance at General Aviation airports. It has nothing to do with targeting photographers. In this particular segment of the commercial you don’t even immediately see the camera. What you DO see is a hooded, suspicious figure walk up to an open gate that a car has just passed through. The driver stops to identify the person and let the gate close prior to driving off. Finally then you see the camera that the person is carrying. Was this a poor choice for the print ad? Probably. But the ad campaign has absolutely nothing to do with targeting aviation photographers. Oh yeah…I am a photographer and airport manager myself and that never crossed my mind when I saw this ad.
weatherman04 0
I often take my pictures from public roads outside of Whiteman AFB, MO. One time I was on a county road catching the B-2 landing. Pretty soon a cop car pulls up, and it turned out to be the MP from Whiteman. I was told that the "neighbors called because of possible terrorist activities." I explained what I was doing, and showed the MP the pictures I had taken. Almost every time I take pictures now, the MP leaves the base and drives past me several times.


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