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737 MAX Crisis Prompts Southwest Pilots to Question its All-Boeing Fleet

In the wake of the two fatal 737 MAX crashes, the leadership of the Southwest Airlines pilots union raised a shocking question Friday in a note to its members: Whether Southwest, by far Boeing’s largest 737 customer, should remain an all-Boeing airline. (www.seattletimes.com) Mehr...

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ADXbear 1
The arrogance of Boeing has bit them the public will fight this airplane for good now.. you lied to us, hid facts form the pilots.. what else have you done we dont know about..
hal pushpak 2
Not only arrogance, ADXbear, but Boeing lost its way. The problem is also that Boeing isn’t run anymore by aviators and engineers, like it used to be. Instead, it’s run by accountants and marketing people.

To try to compete with AIrbus and others with a near 60-year-old design was a shot in the foot just waiting to happen. (The 737 was the 'baby-707,' a structural design conceived in the late 50’s.)

I’m sure the engineers at Boeing were chafing at the bit for chance to build a real A32X-killer from scratch — but were prevented from doing so by these MBA pencil-pushers now running Boeing out of Chicago.

If Boeing were smart they’d cut their (upcoming) losses by swapping current Max8 orders to something else (797’s ?) rather try to further kludge what’s already a kludge.

I expect hate-mail from the Boeing crowd on this site, but let me say that as a lifelong aviator and now lecturer at a college, I have much revered BCA with their 07, 4, 5, 6, and the triple7 — ever since I was a teenager riding in the jump seat of the 07’s. More reverence than the Airbus equivalents, with the exception of the A340 and A350. (Though I'd be remiss not not mention my reverence for the L1011’s, VC10’s, Caravelles, Viscounts, DC3's, F-27’s and Super Connies too. Have loved them all!)


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