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Icelandair lays off 737 MAX pilots

Reykjavik, Iceland - Icelandair is dismissing 24 Boeing 737 MAX pilots due to the ongoing grounding of the aircraft since March 13, after the second fatal crash in Ethiopia. The Icelandic carrier decided to lay off 24 Boeing 737 MAX pilots and suspend the recruitment of 21 others. The decision was taken due to uncertainty about the aircraft's return to service. The airline has four 737 MAX 8 and one 737 MAX 9 in the fleet that are currently grounded. Eleven more (five 737 MAX 8, six 737 MAX… ( Mehr...

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Chris B 9
Makes you wonder what other airlines are doing with their "extra" pilots.
hopefully they have other ratings that allow them to fly other planes.
I don’t suppose it matters given the number of 737 variants still flying.
You mean the airlines that have been complaining about not being able to hire enough pilots for as long as I can remember? Those other airlines?
Icelandair is a bit unusual in that the MAX was its only 737, even though it is an all-Boeing airline.
Greg77FA 4
Cluster screw up at Boeing and its never the top who pay the price. I can't believe the CEO still had a job. Seriously.
canuck44 3
Chinese airlines must be rubbing their hands together and most have the dollars to lure anout of work pilot.
Ben Bosley -3
Ironically, you couldn't pay me enough to work and live in a communist country
Shenghao Han 3
Have you been to China? If not then you are not even qualified to comment on working/living in China.
Hate the government all you want, but the living standard in most Chinese cities are comparable or even better than some US cities. Faster internet (and secure, since you will need VPN to get on Facebook/YouTube etc.), free next day delivery online shopping, super public transportation, mid-night snacking, you name it.
And major Chinese airlines will put you in 5-star hotels when on a layover, not some crappy Holiday Inn or such...
ToddBaldwin3 1
Yes, but your government also censors search engines, the air pollution in Bejing makes it considered a hardship post for US diplomatic personnel, and other issues. I will say, it is much improved over the times when Mao was in power, and you had the purges, the great leap forward, etc.
Frank Harvey 2
And where will they find pilots when the a/c is cleared to fly again ? The cynic in me wonders how long Iceland's CAA will take to certify the Max once others do so, and perhaps give their carrier a little extra time to recruit once this is cleared up.
flymike 1
The public was told that there was no extra training for 737 Max. Reports saying the Max will not fly until winter time and here we are starting summer.
sharon bias 1
Newbie question--How much additional training and time does it take for a pilot to become rated on a different aircraft? Can a pilot move between Boeing and AirBus aircraft easily?
Highflyer1950 1
3 weeks classroom, 6-8 sim sessions, flight check, route check........go fly, usually with a check Captain until signed off for line flying . At least that’s what it used to be.
Rico van Dijk 1
I assume these ‘Max’ pilots have the same common typerating (737-300/900) I wonder if they were offered to change fleets internally, in any case I wish them a quick and fruitful jobhunt.
Shenghao Han 1
They would, but the last time I heard Icelandic air have mostly 757s... so no... And Yes Icelandic just expanded their fleet recently, they don’t have many if not any old 737s around...
Hope they have a second line of work before they start fling the 737s later this year... Living on Iceland is EXPENSIVE.
Shenghao Han 1
Sadly 737NGs are like hot cakes now... especially for airlines have Max pilots but no idle NG planes...
Jerry Miller 1
Really. How’s about Boeing and the FAA (since there at fault) paying those laid off pilots and recruits while there trying to find a job that meets their qualifications
Rico van Dijk 1
Won’t happen in the real world
although this is not a u.s. flag carrier,this was to be can bet other airlines will do the same..
I'll take that bet. What other airline operates the max exclusively with no other 737's in their fleet? What airline isn't already short on pilots? And, of those, how many lost 55 million bucks last year and was already cutting costs/routes?
Colton Fletcher -8
its pathetic!!!


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