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B-17 Crash Flying Fortress NTSB Docket Summary Bradley Field Oct 2 2019 - TakingOff Ep 117

The NTSB has released the investigation docket for the B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine o Nine" crash which occurred on Oct. 2, 2019, at Bradley Airport in Connecticut. The Living History flight was managed by the Collings Foundation and the plane was piloted by Ernest "Mac" McCauley. ( More...

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Sean Sims 4
For those interested here's a link to the NTSB docket.
EMK69 1
Thank you, interesting witness observations.
JW Wilson 1
This is Blancolirio's take, part 1, on the report.
Paul Miller 1
Yes Sir your so right, I wanted to see either MORE video of the sad event or at least the NTSB's report anyway !!!!
linbb -6
Oh great a talking head duh want to read it not some stupid video made up about it. Dumb post.


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