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Security breach reported at LAX, car drives on runway, heavy police response

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Police Department responded Thursday night to a report of a security breach at Los Angeles International Airport, according to Fox 11. The report said a silver vehicle breached the security gates. A video from a helicopter showed about 10 police SUVs and a dozen officers at the scene. A CBS reporter said the car slammed through a gate at the FedEx cargo facility and, at one point, drove on the runway. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 4
Another article about the incident:
Torsten Hoff 2

>> However, even though the incident may be the worst security breach at a U.S. airport in a decade, he may be cited and released because he has no prior offenses.

Tom Bruce 1
he was late for his flight
william baker 1
Come to California on vacation leave California on Probation LOL
Robert Cowling -1
Crazy from the heat? Wow. That'll get them some new clothes for a while, and three squares a day.

And, poor FedEx. I had to go pick up a package at a FedEx ground terminal, and it looked like a prison. I had to wait in the parking lot to get my package. It's damned sad how things have turned for the worse so hard lately. What have we become...
Robert Cowling 0
Down vote me, go ahead. I hope it makes you feel good.

I was referring to the insane 'gun culture' in this country.

I grew up around guns, bug guns. I was bullied in school, and I NEVER EVER thought that a gun would solve anything. My dad was a lifer in the Army, and we got the PRIVILEGE of having guns driven into us at an early age. A gun isn't a tool, as so many in the gun fetish business say. A gun is a WEAPON. It is designed to take a life, either human, or other species. IT IS DESIGNED to END LIFE! You can't escape that, because that's their only reason to exist. Anyone who wished to carry a weapon needs to have that fact drilled into their head. You are carrying a device designed to END LIFE! It's not a toy.

Hollywood fetishes guns because they are an easy plot device to add to a story. And every bullet, cartridge, scope, funnels money into the coffers of the NRA. The group that used to advocate for sensible gun ownership, and now wants people carrying weapons of war around our streets!

Owning a gun is not a right, it's a privilege. I know tons of people that should not own guns. People with drinking and anger issues that would make them a danger to anyone downrange of their rage. Unfortunately they are turning America into a war zone. FedEx having to up-armor their facilities is a disgusting sign of the rot in this country. Seeing armed guards in malls, and stores. America is dying... Shootings are happening MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY now. I'm disgusted, frightened, worried, concerned, horrified, humiliated...
mbrews 2
And this has what to do with Aviation ? Really - get some help. Maybe start with a 10-day detox from doomscrolling on the Washington Post.

A friend of mine came back from a relaxing Caribbean vacation, had zero TV & newspapers while on vacation. She said she was emptied of the useless media cacophony. And highly refreshed from the substitution of REAL LIFE (in nature).
Well said Robert .


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