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American Airlines Allows Gate-To-Gate Use Of Electronic Devices

American Airlines has received federal approval for passengers to use personal portable electronic devices from gate to gate. ( Mehr...

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allan howell 0
Need rules of conduct such as setting text tones to vibrate and suggesting the use of headphones for game sounds etc. Here is another (though inevitable) issue to add to the "obnoxio-meter" for us road warriors
pdixonj 2
text tones should not be a problem since sending/receiving texts is still prohibited (it requires an active cellular network)...and headphones should be used anyway, if they're not, a passenger complaint to a flight attendant is usually enough to put an end to that nonsense.
allan howell 1
Agreed on the headphones but I believe the easing also opened a firehouse for providers who will lobby for cellular bands on cross country flights. Sooner rather than later. All part of progress. Thanks


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